Web3 Startup Developer

MOTI believes in rebuilding the social web with web3 technologies, where users’ ownership of their identity and data, as well as their self-sovereignty and privacy are respected, moving away from the business models of the current social media landscape where users and their data are sold as products.

In March 2023, MOTI launched its first dApp – MOTI.BIO, powered by the MOTI DID Protool, where users can monetise their identity and social capital through advertising, referral and affiliate marketing, all through aggregating their existing web2 socials data, wallets and KYC details under one single roof.

MOTI.BIO is rapidly adopted by users around south east asia, and gained over 5000+ users in the first month, providing a demonstrable use case of monetisation for end users through the usage of a DID protocol.

As a Developer at MOTI, you will be instrumental in advancing the functionality of our existing products, focusing on ReactJS, decentralized protocols, and integration with various APIs. Your contributions will be pivotal in enhancing the robustness and capabilities of our MOTI.BIO platform, directly impacting user experience and broadening our service offerings in the decentralized identity space.


  • Develop and enhance product features using ReactJS and decentralized protocols like DePIN.
  • Integrate various APIs to improve and expand the functionalities of MOTI.BIO.
  • Work closely with cross-functional teams to define and achieve technical milestones.
  • Lead the design and implementation of new features from concept through deployment.


  • Strong proficiency in ReactJS and experience with decentralized systems.
  • Experience with API integration and backend development.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.
  • Excellent team collaboration and communication skills.


This position is completely remote.

Work hours is negotiable.

Our project is at a pre-seed startup: To encourage you sharing our success together, this role is compensated very competitively in MOTI tokens, valued at pre-ICO prices, subject to vesting terms aligned with the entire staff team.