UI Frontend Designer & Developer

VIVA is a groundbreaking lifestyle coaching app designed to foster happiness and empower individuals to cultivate enduring, healthy habits while unlocking their full potential.

Through personalized, bite-sized audio sessions, we offer a unique, scientifically validated approach for instilling lasting, beneficial habits. Our commitment to creating an enjoyable and engaging user experience is relentless, with a meticulously designed UI that is as functional as it is visually appealing. At the core of our philosophy, we firmly believe in everyone’s right to relish the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Your Role

We’re seeking a dedicated UI Frontend Designer and Developer for a remote and full-time position. As a company, we value great design and code, and pay close attention to detail throughout the product development process. If you’re passionate about design, aesthetics, writing elegant, well-organized code and abstracting components this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

You’ll be working directly with the founder to keep expanding on our vision and helping deliver a better experience to our customers. Apart from coding, you’ll also engage in strategic discussions, contribute to architectural decision-making, and influence the roadmap of VIVA.


As the lead developer, your daily tasks will include:

  • Designing new features UI in Figma.
  • Obsess creating beautiful interfaces writing HTML and CSS using TailwindCSS inside a Ruby on Rails project.
  • Help to abstract common functionality into web components and keep a well organized code using libraries such as ViewComponent.


You love the thrill of building a product from scratch, relishing the opportunity to influence its design decisions and future trajectory. You understand the importance of code structure and relationships when writing code. You recognize the occasional need for quick-fixes and are able to balance this with maintaining overall system integrity. You are independent and don’t require micro-management.

Join the VIVA team, and help shape the art of living well into a tangible reality for millions, every day.


  • Strong knowledge of semantic HTML, CSS3 selectors, grids, flexbox, media queries, and frameworks such as Tailwind CSS/Sass.
  • Mastery in writing elegant, semantic HTML/CSS code and creating visually compelling presentations that consistently prioritize user experience.
  • Proficiency in working with and abstracting web components and using frameworks such as TailwindUI.
  • Proficiency with standard stack tools and technologies such as Github, CI, Figma, Sketch.
  • Experience in animations and motion design with CSS and SVGs.
  • Experience working with Ruby and Rails to be confortable working on the frontend side. Existing experience with Hotwire Turbo frames is a plus.
  • Enough knowledge of JavaScript to be able to install comfortably libraries with yarn or npm and create Hotwire Stimulus components.
  • A natural passion for creating exceptional web experiences featuring consistent interactivity and accounting for all potential user states and presentations.
  • A refined aesthetic sense and product design expertise, with the ability to enhance flows and UI designs independently.
  • Humility, excellent asynchronous communication skills, and openness to both giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills in English, with the ability to articulate complex issues succinctly. Proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese would be beneficial.


  • 100% Remote: Work from anywhere, at any time, without the hassle of a daily commute.
  • Flexible Schedule: Choose a work schedule that works best for you and your lifestyle.
  • Generous Time-Off Policy: Take time off whenever you need it, with unlimited paid time off.