TMP Data Steward

Join Netguru Talent Marketplace, a proven partner for tech-minded freelancers and experts. Thanks to us, you will have access to various project-based opportunities and can collaborate with different companies and industries. As a result, you will not only gain more experience but also develop a variety of skills you didn’t even know you had. Work the way you like, on your terms, with no strings attached.

Required skills:

  • a minimum of 2-3 years of experience in database development (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, BigQuery);
  • advanced SQL knowledge;
  • at least 2-3 years of experience with additional languages such as Python, Bash shell;
  • ability to develop analytics models (e.g. regression, simulation, statistical, etc) for structured and unstructured data sets with a focus on data lineage to proactively identify risk areas and identify/catch outliers trends and/or projections, where appropriate;
  • cloud experience in Google GCP and/or Amazon AWS.

Nice to have:

  • 3+ years of experience with data architecture, data modeling, schema design, and/or software development;
  • experience with Github;
  • experience in GCP: GCS, Cloud functions, Dataflow, Cloud Composer, Bigquery.

We offer:

  • 100% remote work, flexplace, dev-friendly processes, and a long-term collaboration opportunity.


Apply if you:

  • Are ready to work 40 hours per week, including weekends.
  • Can communicate very well in spoken and written English — CEFR C1.
  • Are a great communicator and team player.
  • Can work cross-functionally with distributed teams, sometimes with team members in different timezones.


  • 100-percent remote work with a distributed team (established communication and Agile processes);
  • work with an experienced team of developers and continuous development of your hard and soft skills;
  • a non-technical mentor, who will assist you during your first days on the project;
  • dev-friendly processes such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Code Review and bug bashes;
  • possibility of extending the collaboration on other challenging products in the future.