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The Tonic Communications is an award-winning UK Top 50 ranked agency specializing in healthcare PR, tech, and green transport sectors. They are dedicated to supporting companies that are making a positive difference in the world we live in.
Despite being a small agency, Tonic Communications is achieving great things. Their success is evident as they have been recognized as a UK Top 50 PR agency. They have recently transitioned to a consultant mode while their future plans involve expanding their permanent team to bring their headcount back up to the previous level.

The Tonic Communications team is a dynamic group of professionals spread across various locations. They have two directors, one based in Nottingham and the other in Newcastle. Additionally, they have two account leads, based in Yorkshire and Northern Ireland. To complement their core team, they have a talented network of approximately 10 freelancers and consultants based throughout the UK.

At Tonic Communications, they believe in fostering a positive and ethical work environment. Their company values revolve around positivity, integrity, transparency, and accountability. They are committed to creating a culture where employees can thrive and contribute to their shared mission.

Join Tonic Communications and be part of an agency that is not only doing great things but also offers the potential for career growth and diverse involvement in various agency support activities.

Tonic Communications is looking for someone to assist with the technical aspects of their marketing efforts. As a valued member of the team, the new hire will work closely with the directors, playing a crucial role in advancing the company’s marketing strategies.


  • Tactical implementation of the agency’s own marketing, specifically updating the website and social media channels.
  • Implement best practice SEO to generate incoming business leads
  • Update the WordPress website with fresh content
  • Offsite link building.
  • Post and schedule social media content.
  • Create social media assets and posts.
  • Provide administrative support to the team, making bookings and compiling reports.
  • Conduct research on companies for potential business leads.
  • Assist in managing a supplier database.
  • Input and track information into CRM tools.
  • Organize and implement CRM campaigns.

The role will receive an in-depth introduction to the agency’s systems, processes, clients, and culture. In-house support will be provided to ensure a seamless transition. Training needs will be assessed as part of the professional development process, with opportunities for upskilling discussed in bi-weekly KIT meetings.

The first few weeks in the role will consist of getting familiarized with the agency’s systems, processes, clients, and team members. This period will lay the foundation for a successful and productive tenure.

This is a full-time role, requiring a commitment of 37.5 hours per week. The agency operates from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM BST, with flexible working options available. Core hours are from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM BST and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM BST while ensuring fulfilment of the weekly hours requirement.


To excel in this role, you need:

  • Sound knowledge of SEO
  • Experience with WordPress
  • Experience with SEMRush/similar
  • Advanced Google Analytics/Search skills
  • Experience in link-building
  • Graphic design experience 
  • Proficiency in Canva
  • Familiarity with email marketing
  • Understanding of ChatGPT
  • Familiarity with CRM systems
  • Excellent English skills

The Tonic Communications is looking for someone who is self-sufficient, great at managing their time, and who isn’t afraid to take the lead. Their Digital Marketing Assistant needs to be proactive and ready to own it, taking charge and driving things forward without constant supervision.

In addition to this, you need to have the following qualities:

  • Ethical: You believe in honesty and transparency, and you offer services that align with these values. Integrity is at the core of everything you do.
  • Likeable and naturally friendly: Your warm and approachable nature allows you to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike. People enjoy working with you because of your positive attitude.
  • Positive: You have an optimistic outlook and bring a can-do attitude to every task. Your positivity is contagious and helps create a supportive work environment.
  • Confident without being brash: You exude confidence in your abilities and ideas, yet you approach situations with humility. Your self-assuredness inspires trust and respect.
  • A hustler: You are proactive and driven, always seeking opportunities and going the extra mile to achieve exceptional results. You have a natural entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Tenacious: Challenges and setbacks don’t deter you. You approach them with resilience and determination, finding creative solutions and persevering until the goal is achieved.
  • Trustworthy: Your colleagues and clients rely on you because they know they can trust you. You consistently demonstrate reliability, honesty, and a strong work ethic.
  • Takes ownership and is accountable: You take pride in your work and take responsibility for your actions. You follow through on commitments and hold yourself accountable for results.
  • Detail-driven: Your keen eye for detail ensures that nothing escapes your notice. You meticulously review documents, emails, and content, maintaining a high level of accuracy.
  • Explores and is curious: You have a thirst for knowledge and a natural curiosity. You stay up to date with news and current affairs, constantly seeking new opportunities and ways to improve efficiency, including exploring how AI can benefit the agency.


What’s in it for you?

  • $1400-$1600 full-time salary 
  • Flexible working hours and remote working options provide a healthy work-life balance, enabling you to manage your time effectively.
  • Enjoy 25 days of annual leave per year, in addition to UK bank holidays, to relax, recharge, and pursue personal interests.
  • Birthday perks to make your special day even more memorable.
  • Annual bonus potential based on company performance, rewarding your contributions to the agency’s success.
  • Access to a training budget per person, allowing you to enhance your skills and stay ahead in your professional development.
  • Mentoring and career development planning to guide you on your growth path within Tonic Communications.
  • Paid time off for medical appointments, ensuring you can take care of your health without sacrificing your earnings.

Opportunities for development and salary increases are abundant at Tonic Communications. The right candidate has the potential to progress into account manager roles and beyond. The agency offers an annual pay review, recognizing and rewarding your growth and contributions to the team. Join Tonic Communications, and pave the way for a fulfilling and prosperous career.

*Please note that this is a gross salary and that you are responsible for any tax-related procedures in your country of residence. We kindly ask you to apply only if you are happy to work remotely as an independent contractor.

This job opening is actively seeking the perfect candidate and will close once found. To ensure your application is considered, take the time to carefully read the job description and submit a high-quality application that stands out.

JobRack has been contracted by The Tonic Communications to support them in their hiring process on their behalf.

As part of this, the JobRack team has gained a full understanding of the needs of The Tonic Communications and will review, filter, screen, and test candidates in line with this.

Candidates that best meet the needs of The Tonic Communications will be submitted as part of a final shortlist. Feedback will be provided throughout the process.

At the request of The Tonic Communications applications for this position must be submitted through JobRack and direct contact with the employer is not desired. If you have any questions, please contact JobRack at:

The hiring process for this position will include the following steps:

  1. Completing the application form.
  2. Recording a short video introduction of yourself.
  3. If shortlisted, complete test tasks.
  4. Attending video interviews to discuss your previous experience and the new role in more detail.

In case you are applying for a full-time role: Please note that this position requires 100% commitment and is not suitable for those seeking a side job, freelance work, or part-time employment. It is important to only apply if you intend this to be your primary and only full-time job. Any attempts to work multiple full-time jobs without the knowledge of your employer may result in termination and a ban from applying to other jobs on the JobRack site.

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