Staff Support Engineer

About the Team:

Netlify’s Support Engineering team is the face of the company, and primary contact point for our customers when they need help with our product. The current team of 12 has a larger-than-usual engineering and product focus compared to other Support roles in the industry. You will be working across the company with engineering, security, legal, and sales. From our UI, to our service, to our customer support: our customer experience is well regarded. 

Everyone at Netlify is great at their work and interested in the customer-centric feedback we can provide from Support. We’re also interested in helping you succeed at your goals of the moment – be that answering a customer question, learning a new web framework, or honing your writing and public speaking skills. Please take a look at our Support Values and see if you agree with the way we do our work.

What You’ll Do: 

A successful candidate enjoys helping people succeed with web technology, isn’t afraid to help improve our practices and our product, and loves to learn. We are looking for a new team member to help us with that mission and provide technical support to our developer customers. We are looking for that person to work remotely from and during North America time zones, Monday through Friday.

You’ll be supporting Enterprise accounts primarily. We strive to provide a white-glove service to these VIP customers. Since most of our support is conducted via email, excellent customer-centric written communication skills are a must. Most of our support is conducted over email via Zendesk, in our public Support Forums, in Slack, and regularly over video calls. Much of our team collaboration is in Slack. 

We have excellent internal support resources and public-facing documentation on our product. Sometimes you won’t know the right answer, but you’re the kind of person who can always come up with somewhere to look for it—sometimes you’ll just have to Google it. You should be curious, motivated, independent, and flexible. You will be learning new things every day. You will be solving hard problems, and this needs to bring you joy. We don’t want you to pretend to be something you don’t want to be, and we won’t tell you how to feel, but we do hope you’re excited to grow.

You’ll be advising people on connecting systems outside of our scope (databases, remote websites, DNS providers) to our service, as well as helping debug site building software like yarn, npm, and webpack. Therefore, experience with network administration, system administration, and web development are extremely relevant to this role. While you will definitely learn more about these technologies as you work here, it is preferred that you arrive with an understanding of them. To ensure your success on our team, your colleagues will work with you extensively as you develop familiarity with our systems and processes. We have thorough onboarding materials to help you learn all of the product areas, and you’ll be working with customers from week 1. By the time you’ve worked here for 3 months, you’ll be familiar with all product areas (and gaining expertise in your chosen focus areas), and you’ll be working to improve the training for the next hire. You’ll work with customers of all levels on topics spanning many areas of our services. Netlify is constantly releasing new features, so you won’t run out of things to learn!

To see our team in action in public, and see the sorts of questions we receive from customers, please visit our Support Forums. We’ll support your growth at Netlify if you want to pursue working in other areas in the future. But for right now, and for the next while, providing technical support is what you want to do. You should be up for a challenge and enjoy it. 

To ensure timezone alignment with this particular team, we are seeking candidates based in the USA or Canada for this role.

What You’ll Bring: 

There are technologies you’ll need to have experience with and a solid understanding of:

  • You can troubleshoot and explain complex networking issues including concepts like HTTP(S), DNS, SSL, firewalls, and proxies.
  • You are proficient with command line interface (CLI) tools, such as nslookup, whois, curl, ping, traceroute, and git.
  • You are a user and creator of the web, specifically HTML, JavaScript, and React, and you can explain browser and server caching. You are very familiar with browser-based debugging of caching and other issues using the developer tools.
  • You have experience developing and/or troubleshooting AWS lambda functions.
  • You are familiar with composable web architecture and the ecosystem, including familiarity with caching layers such as Akamai, Cloudflare, and Cloudfront, and/or software like varnish.
  • You have some experience using frameworks such as GatsbyJS and NextJS.
  • You know how to analyze a HAR file.
  • In case you have some Ruby (reading more than writing) and/or Go experience, it would be a great bonus. 

There are customer-centric skills you’ll need to demonstrate:

  • You understand that how you deliver a message and communicate with customers is often more important than what you are actually telling them.
  • In our increasingly digital age, and with the rise of AI tools, it’s extremely important that when interacting with customers, you provide not only fast and accurate support but do so in a way that is kind, empathetic, and human.
  • We are here to help guide, advise, and support. Especially when it comes to our Enterprise customers, we are here to be their partners. Someone they can turn to when things go wrong. Our job is not just to provide the right answer or fix the problem – it’s to be supportive and helpful. In doing this, you’ll strengthen relationships and trust, ensuring that our customers feel confident that building on Netlify is the best solution for their business.
  • You provide solutions as quickly as possible. We aim to unblock customers as quickly as we can. However, we also take the time to ensure that we fully understand their issue and address all of their concerns.
  • You can let your personality shine. We are each unique humans with our own personalities and not robots. We have fun with customers and use natural language while still remaining professional.


Not sure you meet 100% of our qualifications? Please apply anyway!

When applying please include: 

A resume or short listing of your job history & skills (link to a LinkedIn profile would be fine). We appreciate a cover letter explaining why you would enjoy working in this role at Netlify to get to know you a bit better, though this is not required and will not impact your application. Our mission is to “build a better web” and that cannot be done without a diversity of skill sets, backgrounds and thoughts. 

Of everything we’ve ever built at Netlify, we are most proud of our team. Netlify is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are devoted to building a team of people with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. Driving equality empowers our team, enables us to innovate, and helps us maintain a more inclusive environment. We don’t discriminate against employees or applicants based on gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, age, race, military/veteran status, citizenship, pregnancy status, or any other differences. If we can do anything to provide a better interview, i.e. accommodate a disability, then please let us know by emailing

About Netlify

At Netlify, we’re on a mission to build a better web by making it easier than ever to build, deploy, and scale web applications. By unifying an entire ecosystem of web development tools, content sources, services, and APIs into one simplified workflow, Netlify empowers top brands to ship campaigns faster, reduce risk, and boost productivity and revenue. At the forefront of the composable web movement, with over 4 million web developers and businesses using the platform, with Netlify, you can connect everything and build anything. 

We are a Series D company that has raised over $200M from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, EQT, Bessemer, BOND, and Menlo Ventures. As a fully distributed company, we aim to create a company culture where the best idea can come from anywhere and strive to be thoughtful, compassionate, and collaborative in our work. If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, we’re excited to connect with you!

At Netlify, we are committed to a compensation philosophy that prioritizes fairness and equity, positions our employee compensation competitively in the market, recognizes and rewards performance, and takes a comprehensive approach to our rewards package. We anchor our compensation philosophy on a market-based approach, therefore salary ranges may differ depending on the labor cost in a particular location. The salary provided is in addition to robust benefits and participation in Netlify’s equity plan. Our base compensation for this role is targeted at $97,750 – $132,250 for most US-based locations. Candidates outside the US or in premium markets should consult with their Talent Acquisition partner regarding location-based ranges, as they may be higher or lower than the average US range listed. The starting pay will be determined based on multiple factors, including expertise and skills, market demands, experience, internal equity, and applicable geographic location. These compensation packages and ranges are subject to change and may be modified in the future.