SSRM Project Manager Part time Temporary (’24 003769)

The Project Manager manages remote teams of graduate and undergraduate student assistants who research and write content and build online modules for the Social Sciences Research Modules (SSRM) project, a grant-funded open-source educational resource. The project manager works closely with faculty and staff project leads to develop and execute project objectives, monitor progress, and support the work of team members involved in this project.  

Core Responsibilities

• collaboratively determines and defines project scope and objectives with faculty and staff project leads; directs and

monitors student research assistant teams; and establishes, implements and documents training processes

• analyzes, plans, and develops requirements and standards in reference to scheduled projects and then develops and

manages a detailed project schedule and work plan for each research team

• holds regular team meetings to determine progress and address questions or challenges regarding module creation,

testing, and maintenance. This includes helping teams adjust projects as needed

• provides regular updates to project principals about strategy, personnel, adjustments, and progress

• works closely with faculty and staff project leads to develop internal and external grant applications and reports and

project assessment tools

• creates online and print materials about SSRM modules and participates in presentations to internal and external


• works with DLINQ to troubleshoot online platform issues and develop processes for creating, coding, maintaining, and

revising pages and module organization

• works with faculty at Middlebury campuses and external colleges and universities to engage in pilot testing of SSRM

modules and assessment of learning and user experience


Position Prerequisites

• Bachelor’s degree is required, Master’s (or substantial progress toward completing a Master’s degree) is preferred.

Effective interpersonal skills as well as strong written and oral communication skills.

Facility with online platforms such as WordPress, as well as work productivity and presentation tools, including Microsoft Office.

Suite, Google Docs and Sheets, Slack, Hypothesis, and Panopto.

Ability to work remotely, independently and collaboratively, and manage remote teams.

Experience in education, pedagogy, instructional design, social science research methods, or some combination thereof.

Experience in project management.

Experience in leading teams in designing and creating web-based instructional tools strongly preferred.