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About Burq

Burq started with an ambitious mission: how can we turn the complex process of offering delivery into a simple turnkey solution.

We started with building the largest network of delivery networks, partnering with some of the biggest delivery companies. We then made it extremely easy for businesses to plug into our network and start offering delivery to their customers. Now, we’re powering deliveries for some of the fastest-growing companies from retailers to startups.

It’s a big mission and now we want you to join us to make it even bigger!

We’re already backed by some of the Valley’s leading venture capitalists, including Village Global, the fund whose investors include Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, and Sara Blakely. We have assembled a world-class team all over the U.S.

We operate at scale, but we’re still a small team relative to the opportunity. We have a staggering amount of work ahead. That means you have an unprecedented opportunity to grow while doing the most important work of your career.

We want people who are unafraid to be wrong and support decisions with numbers and narrative. Here’s a quick overview of what you will be doing:


Senior Platform Software Engineer

You will be working together with engineers to ensure the critical success of the scaling and growth of the software platform and transform the way businesses offer on-demand & same-day delivery. You will be part of an emerging team that is building a product to power millions of businesses with their delivery needs.

You Love Solving Problems Like These

  • Investigate random ECS container crushes in production both in the infra layer and application layer, and identify issues such as problematic Docker image layering, insufficient infrastructure provisioning, and application issues in Node.js.
  • Lead automation efforts and establish engineering practice to monitor, alert, and triage database performance issues (we use MySQL) caused by inefficient queries, imperfect indexes, unoptimized query planner, and under-provisioned database resources.
  • Investigate memory leak by instrumenting/profiling the application code and infrastructure layer. Lead collaborative efforts with application devs and devops to identify root cause.
  • Identify bottlenecks in SQS messaging throughput, and work with application devs to identify root cause and remediation.
  • Contribute to release management and help move us towards continuous delivery with canary release.

Your Past Experience Demonstrates

  • Proficiency in application and infra monitoring, using tools such as DataDog, Grafana, and Sentry. We expect you to drive organizational best practice on service instrumentation and alerting.
  • Experience managing and maintaining foundational services such as MySQL, SQS, Kafka, Redis, etc. You don’t need to be an expert in all of them. However, you need to know enough to ramp up quickly and triage production issues involving these services.
  • Experience in Node.js and commitment to becoming an expert in managing Node processes. You should have no problem reading and contributing to application code, as well as understanding Node performance characteristics and common issues.
  • Proven experience in operating Docker-based containers on AWS using terraform.
  • Solid understanding of continuous integration, continuous delivery, microservices architecture, and infrastructure as code.
  • Ownership and strategic vision to chart your own roadmap. You will work with various stakeholders (including application devs, devops, and engineering/product leads) to identify different types of platform risks, prioritize them, and ensure timely mitigation before the risks turn into incidents.


Investing in you

  • Competitive salary and opportunity for equity
  • Option to work fully remotely or in-person
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Reimbursement for educational courses
  • Generous Time Off

At Burq, we value diversity. We are an equal opportunity employer: we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.