Software Engineer (2023)

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Twosense is a venture-backed startup that is fundamentally changing the nature of digital identity. Identity security is completely failing to meet our needs. The current paradigm creates a puzzle that only the authorized user can solve. Humans are constantly solving these puzzles (passwords, text messages, emails, secret questions, dongles, etc), which is a universally terrible experience, and still, a single user error can drain your bank account, damage a company, or bankrupt your employer. TWOSENSE.AI is software that automates all the work the user has to do, so security is invisible and always on at every second. We use AI to enable any system to learn to recognize the user based on behavior, such as gait, typing behavior, mouse movement, usage patterns, and many more, creating the world’s first invisible, private biometric. Our mission is to fundamentally change the nature of secure human-computer interaction so that the security does not have a user experience, and you can’t make a mistake. We’re creating a future where how bad it is today to forget a password, or to type in 6-digit codes from text messages, will be a fading memory.

This is a unique opportunity to join a Venture-backed, driven engineering team just after liftoff. We’re an engineer-founded and led team of PhDs and outstanding Software Engineers out of Brooklyn, NYC. We value transparency, agency, continuous improvement, and engineering culture. We are fully remote, well funded, and always do our absolute best to take care of our people. We’re currently deployed to a specific market of Healthcare and Contact Center customers that are unable to achieve compliance without a passive form of security.

We are looking to expand our core product engineering team to include a full-time Software Engineer in Argentina.

Why us:

Identity security is completely failing to meet society’s needs. A glance at the headlines is all it takes to see that security depends on people, and that that’s not working out. Corporate IT and InfoSec departments realize this too. The workplace is changing, and companies are scrambling to find new solutions that can solve fundamental problems.

Our product solves the core problem that no one realized was solvable. If you knew that all of that friction and worry could go away, would you ever go back? Isn’t that the kind of mission you’d want to push?

What you will do:

You’ll be working on the core product alongside Josh, TJ, Amir, Mariano, and Federico, and directly with our CTO John. Your day-to-day will be a mix of developing new features, reviewing code, and supporting existing codebases. You will be directly responsible for advancing our products across multiple platforms, in addition to developing backend API’s and partner integrations. You will be involved in the full development lifecycle including: design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

You’ll love this position if:

You’re comfortable in the chaos of a startup, but also like working on a team that’s dedicated to finding the right way to build things, and building them right the first time. You also:

  • Obsess over writing clear and “clean code.”
  • Believe in strong peer review and value feedback as an opportunity for reflection and improvement.
  • Practice test-driven/test-first development.
  • Take pride in your craftsmanship to develop maintainable software products.
  • Have a “team-first” mentality and love collaborating with other team members.
  • Take initiative to detect problems before they arise, and identify potential solutions.
  • Have the ability to communicate clearly with team members and the rest of the business.
  • Most of all, you are looking to learn new things every day, and how much you’re learning is one of the key things you care about.


What we’re looking for:

  • Deep experience in agile software development
  • Strong years of experience with C#, .NET Core, EF Core
  • Strong understanding of SOLID principles, especially SRP and DIP
  • Proficiency in automated unit and integration testing strategies
  • Familiarity with SQL and relational databases
  • Great communication skills
  • Experience designing & consuming REST API’s
  • Strong grasp of common design patterns and best practices

Bonus points for experience with, or interest in:

  • Hexagonal/Clean/Onion architecture
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • Win32 API / C++
  • GitHub Actions (or other CI tools)
  • TypeScript or JavaScript
  • Machine Learning
  • Python
  • macOS development


What’s in it for you?

We value our people and culture as a top priority. Benefits include:

  • Salary of $5k – $6k per month
  • Flexible work – work from home or use the Brooklyn office at your convenience.
  • Project day – One day per month spent on whatever you think is important.
  • Equity participation – everyone shares in our success
  • Open vacation policy – take it when you need it
  • Fitness stipend, commuter benefits

For employees in Argentina we have:

  • Business English language courses
  • Travel to team events and in-person all-hands
  • Technical books, VPN Access, high-end work computer, etc.

We are a young, hungry, and well-funded company and you’re getting in on the ground floor. You will have the agency to shape our strategy and trajectory, and to shape your own career as you benefit from the upward mobility of growth.