Smart person to tackle new and interesting opportunities (Open application)

We are actively seeking dynamic and talented individuals passionate about innovating the retail landscape through online platforms. Trifecta Retail Ventures offers unique online shopping experiences that benefit both consumers and brands, and our mission is to revolutionize the way consumers discover and acquire branded merchandise, while simultaneously providing a vibrant platform for brands to maintain and increase their dominance in the market.

Trifecta Retail Ventures prides itself on investing in entrepreneurial teams and providing support to develop some of the most inventive online retail startups around the globe. Some of our well-known ventures include DealDash, one of Finland’s most successful e-commerce companies with an astounding 20+ million registered shoppers. We also oversee Kamikoto, a dynamic direct-to-consumer brand.

As a parent company, we take the responsibility of ensuring success by providing financial backing, talent acquisition, logistics, and back-office support for our ventures, which focus on delivering exceptional shopping experiences and stellar customer savings.

Our main focus at the moment is to foster the growth of DealDash.

We are not merely looking for individuals with extensive prior experience; rather, we value personality and passion that produces results. Here are examples of fields you could be working in:

  • Online marketing
  • Growth hacking
  • User experience design
  • Customer support
  • Back-end development
  • Data analytics
  • Procurement
  • … and more!

So far the successful candidates have assumed roles of marketing managers, data analysts, developers and more. While some have an MBA or hold a masters degree in economics, finance, or industrial engineering, others have built their own businesses from scratch at an early age with no traditional business qualifications. Ultimately, we cherish ambition and result-oriented individuals: we’re passionate about people who can drive results, not diplomas. We develop our business at a brisk pace and we nurture open communication, and in any role there are opportunities to work on things you are excited about.

At Trifecta Retail Ventures, you will be encouraged to use your curiosity and analytical mindset to drive results and foster innovation. By listening to customers and working together with fellow team members, you will anticipate opportunities to solve intriguing problems. What is driving changes in customer experience? How should we improve different details on our site? How could we grow our sales? What are we paying too much for? New challenges turn up all the time, and you have the support of great co-workers in finding answers!

Please send us an open application, telling us about yourself and the kind of work that excites you! At this time, we are mainly looking for new talent to strengthen the growth of DealDash. Applicants have the possibility of working at our physical office located in Helsinki, Finland, but we welcome remote candidates from all corners of the globe.

Join us to rewrite the narrative of online shopping and create significant impacts across the retail industry.


  • Entrepreneurial mindset and great problem-solving skills
  • Hands-on, getting things done approach to work
  • Curiosity
  • Analytical thinking
  • Motivation and ambition
  • Love for reading and constant learning
  • Excellent command of English, which is the working language


  • Limitless possibilities for engaging and challenging work
  • Talented and experienced co-workers
  • Flexible working hours and competitive salary
  • Possibility to work remotely
  • A Kindle with unlimited budget: any business book is yours to read!
  • Team offsites: we get together as a full team every year, the last ones were in Malta and Las Vegas.
  • Pizza Fridays: at the end of every quarter, and every Friday the 13th, we have pizza parties for both our team at the Helsinki office and remote workers! Pizza delivered right to your door!
  • Random gifts and surprises: we believe in celebrating!