Shippabo: A Logistics Technology Provider – Submit your Resume

Ahoy! We’re Shippabo

Shippabo is a logistics technology company that transforms customer supply chains via industry-leading freight efficiency, inventory insights, and risk analysis. Our Intelligent Platform streamlines the booking, tracking, and delivery process by providing real-time data and insights to guide decision-making. Our vision is to empower everyone along the supply chain by bringing greater transparency, collaboration, and actionable data to the world of shipping and logistics. Join Shippabo to learn why Forbes named us the best Supply Chain Management platform of 2023!

As we continue to scale, we are always on the lookout for talented folks who share our passion and vision. While we may not have an immediate opening for every department, we want to offer you the opportunity to showcase your strengths and express your interest in joining our team, which will help us to match you with the right opportunity. Please take the time to tell us about yourself and your skills, and if we identify a role that aligns with your experience, we’ll reach out to you directly!

Teams We Hire For

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • People
  • Product
  • Sales
  • Supply

Our Values…

Empathy: At the heart of our company culture is empathy, as we strive to understand and appreciate the diverse perspectives and experiences of our employees, customers, and partners, fostering stronger relationships and driving mutual success

Resoluteness: We believe in the power of resoluteness, as we persevere through challenges, remain committed to our goals, and push ourselves to achieve our full potential, inspiring our team to do the same and drive meaningful results

Continual Learning: Our commitment to continual learning ensures that we remain agile, adaptable, and innovative, fostering a culture of growth and development that empowers our team to stay ahead of industry trends and achieve their career aspirations

Transparency: We prioritize transparency in all of our business practices, as it builds trust, accountability, and open communication with our team, customers, and partners, enabling us to collaborate more effectively and achieve greater success together

Benefits for our Shipmates

At Shippabo, our benefits are a reflection of our core values and our commitment to making healthy living affordable and accessible to everyone on board. Our team members enjoy ample Vacation and Sick time, allowing you to take the breaks you need to recharge and ensuring your well-being remains a priority as you grow with us. We also cover Health Coverage premiums for you and your dependents, offer a 401(k) Plan with matching contributions, provide monthly lifestyle benefits through Fringe, and offer other perks as well!


At Shippabo, we are committed to fair and equitable compensation practices. Base pay is determined by a range of factors, including training, transferable skills, work experience, business needs, location, and market demands. We strive to provide competitive compensation packages that align with industry standards and reflect our commitment to valuing and supporting our team


Our roles requires very minimal travel of up to 5% for department gatherings and/or conferences