Senior Technical Lead

The Senior Technical Lead holds a pivotal role with significant responsibility for maintaining technical quality across a portfolio of projects. This involves a hands-on approach, delving into the intricacies of project scopes, making accurate estimates before a project starts, evaluating the plans and estimates of engineers during sprint grooming, and reviewing engineers’ code.

The role requires providing assistance to team members who are stuck and proactively preventing potential roadblocks. Our team and our clients’ team must respect your technical acumen regardless of the stack and you must be able to provide architectural advice to clients as needed. 

The core emphasis lies on direct involvement in technical work, ensuring a thorough understanding of project plans and estimates. In challenging scenarios, the Senior Technical Lead takes complete ownership, jumping in to address and resolve issues promptly. 

Crucially, all technical efforts are meticulously aligned with the overarching goal of solving complex business problems. Understanding the business problem is integral for ensuring that technical efforts are aligned with business priorities. That enables the Senior Technical Lead to guide the team towards the most fitting solutions within the given time and budget constraints. 

For instance, decisions made during project development, such as choosing between custom development and utilizing existing libraries, must be grounded in a profound comprehension of the specific business requirements. This strategic alignment ensures that technical solutions directly address the current business context, preventing unnecessary complexities and optimizing resources effectively.


  • You’re a fantastic all around technologist from architecture to code in any stack
  • You motivate other people while challenging them
  • You marry technology and business problems
  • You have to be able to make decisions that have impact on project and team 
  • You get challenging projects back on-track and get engineers unstuck
  • You stay familiar with widely used engineering frameworks/languages and updates to those frameworks.  You spend time learning about technologies you might know well
  • You understand the personalities of engineers, how to build consensus, how to motivate while holding engineers to a high standard, and how to help technology professionals to work as a team
  • You are an influential tech thinker in our company, someone with whom our engineers want to discuss technical problems
  • You’re excited about new technologies but you don’t overbuild.  You never let that excitement get in the way of creating the right technical choice for the clients business needs
  • You may not be the best engineer in a particular technology but your architecture skills are unimpeachable
  • You know how to prioritize
  • You have systems, guidelines, and rubrics to guide your approach to problems

Typical Challenges You Will Be Solving Daily or Weekly

  • Maintaining a high standard of technical excellence while adhering to strict project timelines, scopes, and budgets.
  • Ensuring high quality work of engineers with different skill and experience levels.
  • Choosing the right technology, approach, and plan to accommodate project and client needs, given timeline and appropriate skill set of our engineering team.
  • Ensuring effective engagement with the team by reviewing code, participating in discussions, and validating plans, while efficiently managing time.
  • Navigating the intricacies of estimate creation during the discovery phase, ensuring accuracy, and aligning estimates with the project’s scope.
  • Promptly identifying and addressing challenges to prevent setbacks, particularly when teams or individuals encounter difficulties during project execution.
  • Fostering open communication and a collaborative environment within the team to enhance productivity and creativity.
  • Proactively assisting and resolving issues faced by teams or individuals without alienating team members, ensuring a positive and supportive work atmosphere.
  • Effectively comprehending and articulating the business needs of clients to ensure alignment with engineering efforts.
  • Reviewing project plans, aligning teams with sprint goals, and monitoring milestones and timelines. Addressing issues effectively to keep projects on track.
  • Remaining familiar with diverse codebases, ready to jump into any project to assist, fix major issues, or address bugs that may exceed the team’s capabilities. Requires adaptability to various coding languages and frameworks.


  • Competitive Salary of 3.5-6kEUR that commensurate with experience and qualifications, plus performance-based bonuses
  • A healthy work-life balance thorugh remote work with flexible work schedules
  • Opportunity to gain unique insights into the inner workings of diverse companies of varying sizes and industries
  • Experience international project engagements
  • Enjoy the freedom to contribute to shaping the culture and processes within your sphere
  • Work with a strong team of engineers and designers from Europe
  • Access to an executive coach and the opportunity to acquire the skills outlined in this job description