Senior Software Engineer – Layout (CSS and ICU4X Support)

Senior Software Engineer – Layout (CSS and ICU4X Support), Mozilla Corporation, Portland, Oregon: Improve Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) style system, within Mozilla’s Gecko Engine and design solutions for efficient implementation within the Firefox Browser Layout Architecture stack. Write code, browser tests, and specifications and build prototypes and reference implementations for the Firefox browser in C++ and Rust. Convert user feedback into actionable bug reports, feature designs, and input into the strategic direction of Web Platform to make Firefox more effective and efficient. Convert CSS Working Group specifications into actionable feature designs, and new functionality to make Firefox more effective, efficient, and web compatible. Refactor existing code to optimize for Firefox performance. Repair and update automated test scripts to adapt to changes in the codebase and verify that released code is functioning correctly and efficiently. Guide and mentor consultants and other developers on a project basis, improving project quality and efficiency. Bachelors in Computer Science or related field required. Must have six years of experience programming in C++. Of experience required, must have three years of experience working in the Gecko browser engine or similar. Must also have one year of experience programming in Python, Rust, and JavaScript and experience working with: (i) CSS Support (Shapes, Masking, and eXtensible Bindings Language (XBL) Style Sheet); (ii) Unicode ICU4X and internationalization standards; and (iii) Bugzilla or comparable defect management and workflow tool. Experience may be gained concurrently. Position may be eligible for telecommuting from anywhere in the United States. Apply online:



Hiring Ranges:

US Tier 1 Locations
$145,662$191,634 USD
US Tier 2 Locations
$145,662$191,634 USD
US Tier 3 Locations
$145,662$191,634 USD

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