Senior Marketing Data Analyst (Remote – Argentina)


Right Customer is a performance marketing studio that partners with subject-matter experts to create, promote, and deliver online education to their audiences in evergreen niches like real estate investing, business, and personal finance. We’re seeking a Marketing Data Analyst proficient in Python, MySQL, BigQuery, and Data Visualization. Your role will be to integrate and analyze data from a variety of sources, including digital advertising channels, CRM lead data, customer opt-ins, and purchasing data, to derive actionable marketing insights.

Ideal Candidate

We’re especially interested in candidates who have prior experience in data analysis for sales and marketing. If you’ve worked in a similar role where you were required to analyze sales data, marketing data, or a combination of both to drive business strategy, you might be just the person we’re looking for.


Who You Are

  • You have solid experience in Statistical Data Analysis and Data Analytics, able to uncover meaningful insights from complex data.
  • You are proficient in Python programming and MySQL, enabling you to manipulate and analyze data effectively.
  • You are well-versed in machine learning and data analysis, using these tools to extract valuable insights from large datasets.
  • You can translate complex data insights into clear, actionable steps through your strong technical writing skills.
  • You’re familiar with digital advertising platforms like Facebook and Google, and have experience integrating data from CRM systems.
  • You are comfortable handling large datasets and have experience working with data platforms like BigQuery.
  • You have a firm understanding of statistics, allowing you to interpret data and produce accurate, insightful analyses.
  • You have experience creating and maintaining data dashboards in Looker Studio, facilitating easy data visualization and analysis.
  • You’re capable of setting up automated data reports, ensuring easy access and comprehension of data insights for the entire team.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Design, build, and manage a centralized online database in BigQuery to house all client and marketing data.
  • Integrate datasets such as lead data from CRMs, digital advertising data, customer opt-ins, and purchasing data, to provide comprehensive insights.
  • Perform advanced data analysis, modeling, and prediction using advertising data, CRM lead data, customer opt-ins, and purchasing data.
  • Develop and utilize statistical models, including linear regression and predictive lead scoring, to analyze complex datasets.
  • Apply machine learning techniques to enhance data analytics and gain deeper insights.
  • Prepare technical reports and present analytical findings in a clear, understandable manner to the team and stakeholders.
  • Create and maintain data dashboards in Looker Studio for easy data visualization and analysis.

What Success Looks Like

30 Days

  • Establish a comprehensive, organized online database in BigQuery to store all client and marketing data and integrate lead data from CRMs, digital advertising data, customer opt-ins, and purchasing data to provide meaningful insights that inform marketing decisions.
  • Create and maintain data dashboards in Looker Studio for easy data visualization, analysis, and automated reporting.

60 Days

  • Develop statistical models for data analysis, including linear regression modeling and predictive lead scoring, that effectively guide marketing actions.

90 Days

  • Automated the generation of actionable insights and trends over time from data analysis to inform our marketing strategy.