Senior Environment Artist (Remote – Europe)

Wilder World is a photorealistic immersive Metaverse powered built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5 and Wilder World is a virtual world made up of various micro games where participants can play together using different Player vs Player and Play to Earn modes, the first of which being our racing game powered by collection titled Wilder Wheels. You will be able to explore the vast land of our first city titled Wiami to find rare NFTs and hang out with friends. In addition to that players can roam freely and express themselves through unique decorative digital assets and fashionable accessories that have super-like powers. These assets can be purchased through our NFT market called the Wilder World Metaverse Market where you can collect, trade and sell NFTs using our native WILD token.

WILDER WORLD – Senior Environment Artist (Remote – Europe)

As Wilder World’s Senior Environment Artist you will collaborate with our team to build a visually stunning and highly functional level for our first digital city – Wiami. This will include setting the Unreal Engine environment model for a 3D city, including mapping UVs, creating shaders, modeling extra SUBD assets in low/high poly; along with collaborating with other Environment Artists, Game Developers, Character Designers. Identify and Track the scope and schedule in the various development stages for the environment design.

Job Description:

  • Create high quality, visually appealing, photorealistic game concept art.
  • Support the creative vision by developing the environment of our first level titled Wiami.
  • Be the primary point of contact and lead for all environments within Wilder World.
  • Ensure world-class art development while meeting our art requirements and deadlines.
  • Attend design reviews, taking feedback and iterating on concepts as needed.
  • Collaborate and Exchange artistic directions and ideas with Artists, Designers, Art Directors, sub-team Leads
  • Maintain a consistent production pipeline and meet deadlines using the best pipeline and workflow practices.
  • Provide the team with timely feedback, key insights and any necessary documentation or videos relating to the environment design.
  • Collaborate efficiently with creative developers across the world, across multiple time zones.
  • Ensure the Wilder World team is properly resourced to meet development deadlines put forth by the leadership team.
  • Work with the leadership team to help strategize, plan and schedule production while leveraging your expertise in environment development.


  • Use Unreal Engine 5 including uv mapping, shader-creation and environment set up for Wilder World’s Futuristic, photorealistic Architectural Design
  • Build and maintain the open map of Wiami.
  • Collaborate with the Art Director and Lead Environment Artist to maintain consistency on the Wilder World Futuristic art style.
  • Create high-quality, 3D environment assets and textures and integrate into Unreal Engine
  • Ensure performance and technical quality of 3D environment assets, including optimization
  • Identify and troubleshoot problems and provide creative solutions as issues arise.
  • Collaborate with Game developers, Environment Artists, Architects to create a single open world and level in Unreal Engine.


  • A minimum of 5 years experience developing Game Art, including photo-realistic game design.
  • Working experience in a wide variety of styles including Futuristic Design and shaders
  • Deep knowledge of Unreal Engine
  • You have been credited for work on a notable AAA game project.
  • An outstanding eye for perspective, color, lighting and atmosphere.
  • Ability to easily communicate in English; both verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to take responsibility for the development of the Wilder World open world map.
  • Openness for feedback and the sharing of knowledge with other artists.
  • You enjoy working with other creatives in a fast paced and collaborative environment.
  • You have excellent communication skills, strong emotional intelligence and a strong team spirit.
  • Robust experience in modeling, topology, texturing and optimization for PC/ Console Games.
  • Deep knowledge of blueprints, level editors, level design, Physical Based Rendering and lighting.
  • Experience with 3D modeling softwares ( Maya, Blender) and Adobe Substance Suite.


  • Join the Cyber Renaissance and be a key part of a transformative movement.
  • Combine your passion with the Wilder purpose and achieve extraordinary results.
  • Join a best of breed high-performing, purpose-driven team that fosters growth and development.
  • Embrace an inclusive environment that encourages authenticity and personal growth.
  • Experience a work culture free from unnecessary policies and politics, focused on building the systems of the future.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world.