Senior Direct Response Copywriter (Supplements, DTC, Meta Ads, Landing Pages)

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About Maneuver

We’re a VC in the health and wellness space, currently operating and scaling a women’s probiotic for menopause symptoms.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve grown this brand from zero to $100M+ in annual revenue, serving more than 2,000,000 customers worldwide and counting.

The Financial Times ranked us 12th among Asia Pacific’s High-Growth Companies in 2023. Within Singapore, The Straits Times and Statista ranked us 4th among the fastest-growing startup companies.

As we continue towards our vision of building a billion-dollar portfolio of brands and products, we’re looking for talented individuals to join the family.


Please apply only if you:

– Have 5+ years in direct response copy (Long form FB ads, high converting DTC landers, CRO, upsells, emails, VSLs, sales-driven tiktok scripts)
– Have functioned in & project managed a well oiled creative team (collaborating with designers & editors on sprints, iterations, product launches etc)
– Have written compliant stuff for HEALTH, BEAUTY, WELLNESS, WEIGHT LOSS niches (there is a learning curve that most writers won’t have)
– Are GREAT at writing for women 45+ US (you speak their language, you know their hot buttons, and you have winning campaigns with at least $1M/sales)

If that’s you, a performance driven, perceptive writer who figured out that this is probably the best job on earth…

We’ll have a lot of fun building this to over $1B/yr and beyond.

Who We’re Looking For:

As a Senior Copywriter, you are responsible for writing homerun offers and angles for our range of supplements. We will assign you to growth-oriented projects that require your skillset most. You will work on a variety of copy – from ads and video scripts to advertorials and landing pages – to find product-market fit and drive the customer acquisition engine for our brand. Upon validation, you will productize your new copy discoveries and turn them into scalable writing processes for other writers through creative thinking models, and/or AI.

Key Outcomes

  • Create and improve ads, script, funnels, and offers to acquire/retain customers profitably. (based on KPIs)
  • Expand the market-message fit for our range of supplements.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Identify key gaps within the funnel based on campaign reports & implement needle moving improvements to bump ROAS. (ad copy, creatives, landing pages, upsells)
  • Create a steady stream of fresh hooks, angles & arguments to beat existing control ads/ pages/ scripts.
  • Collaborate with designers/ editors/ project managers to achieve key KPIs.
  • Refine customer profiles to deepen insights on psychological triggers. (pain points, motivations, fears, desires, objections, narratives, emotional states etc)
  • Create new, exciting claims that differentiate products without flouting compliance policies.
  • Break down competitor/ cross-industry advertising strategies to develop new  messaging strategies.
  • Proof read other writer’s copies and offer useful improvements/ insights.
  • Build and train AI copy models with existing customer/ winning ad data to deepen internal copy knowledge.


  • 5+ years of experience in direct response copywriting 
  • Strong analytical skills – able to dissect core drivers of working ads 
  • Proven framework for research, identification of psychological triggers, messages & angle testing
  • High level storytelling, sales and persuasion skills
  • Ability to distill new concepts into applicable principles and roll out them out to new writers quickly
  • Independent problem solver who is resourceful and able to manage multiple projects end to end
  • Organized & meticulous  
  • Obsessed with psychology, persuasion & advertising
  • Dialed into the industry: Eg involved in the DTC twitter, DRM/copy advertising spaces
  • Interested in applying skill sets in the right (highly scalable) opportunity/vehicle 
  • Bonus: Experience, knowledge or interest in behavioral psychology, sociology, economics, neuro linguistic programming, personality profiling, sales

Important Notes:

  • As this is a fully remote role, we require team members with high accountability & responsiveness (especially so for senior roles).
  • Anticipated annual salary range for this position ($90,000 – $120,000 USD) plus performance bonus potential + with room for future growth
  • Big bonus if you’ve written for DTC supplements, health and wellness brands in the past and want to focus & apply your skills to a fast growing business.
  • Only for applicants who are looking to grow & scale with a company in the next 5-10 years. (we play long terms games with long term people -> high value in compounded effort over a period of time)
  • Our hiring cycles take 2-3 weeks to complete depending on position, communication turnaround time & there will be a paid skills test portion through this interview.

    If you’re an expert at creating high converting copy and want a stable environment to grow, earn and learn in…

    Please apply by clicking the link below