Senior Device Developer

Screenly is a popular digital signage platform (industry jargon for display management). Think screens on walls with advertisements or dashboards. We’re the most developer friendly digital signage platform, and you will be in the center of this, joining our Device Squad. In this position, you will be exposed to a lot of exciting technologies, ranging from Rust to WASM and mTLS.

You will be joining our team of remote developers to work on our players (e.g. what drives the screens). Many of these screens are running on Raspberry Pis, but increasingly also x86. Much of the device code is written in QT/QML and Python, with performance-critical and memory sensitive components in Rust and C++.

You are expected to understand the stack up and down, from troubleshooting low level performance issues with GDB, writing C++ and Rust, all the way up to writing Python code that interacts with our back-end services.


The ideal candidate would have strong know-how in the following:

  • C++
  • Rust
  • Python
  • QT

It’s considered a bonus if the candidate also has experience with one or more of the following:

  • Know-how of the various quirks in the Raspberry Pi
  • Understanding of gstreamer, video4linux, zero copy decoding pipelines, GPU accelerated compositing, memory constrained programming… (and if you don’t know all of these, hey, it’s a perk instead as you’ll get to learn some cool high performance stuff!)
  • Experience with Ubuntu Core
  • A passion for security
  • Insights into Web Assembly (WASM)
  • Building big, complex dependencies in Linux like web browser engines doesn’t phase you (don’t worry, we don’t require you to enjoy it either)


  • Flexible hours, no commute: fully remote
  • Modern startup at a stage where you can still make a significant difference
  • Learning and self-development grants