Senior Backend Engineer (Singapore / Global-Remote)

The mission and vision

Look around you. >90% of the things you see have been in a shipping container at some point. Surprisingly, while being a 500+ billion-dollar industry, 80% of the market is still dominated by small and medium-sized freight forwarders. They mostly organize shipments via countless back and forth in email. AGX helps these forwarders take a step forward and digitalize themselves to compete with emerging digital and global players. We provide them with the digital toolset to keep their backs free so they can focus on their superior operational service offering.

We do this by building a communication and collaboration platform that slashes unnecessary emails and double data entry by connecting relevant data sources and providing a common work interface. Our vision is to standardize information exchange in international logistics like the container did for shipping – if successful, this will also boost global GDP.

We are a team uniting decades of experience in SME-, and digital forwarding, tech, and consulting. We are based in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, well-financed by industry experts, and are due to launch our core product in Q1 22.

We are building state-of-the-art products that customers love. Our team focuses on listening, speaking up to improve the status quo, and making everyone on this journey with us realise their full potential.

What is the opportunity all about?

As a Senior Back End Engineer at AGX, you will design, and build backend services that operate at the highest level of availability. We are laying out the core piping for logistics transactions, and you will make sure they last as well as the London sanitation system. You will build highly adaptable and available data structures that allow us to connect the world. Together with our CTO you will design an architecture that scales and operates so that our global user base can access our products easily and without worry.

As one of the first key people in our organization, you will become the owner of multiple products. You will work extremely closely with senior operational staff as well as the leadership of our customers. Your aim is to build products that customers love as they truly help them.

  • You help build core infrastructure for international trade by building highly reliable and accessible systems that always deliver as intended
  • You design smart workflow systems that steer our customers’ workdays based on available data while alerting them to things they should pay attention to
  • You build smart data prioritization across providers such as external data providers as well as shipping lines, terminals, and port systems to use the highest quality data at any point in time
  • You automate what can be automated and alert users the things they should focus on solving and help create a more meaningful work environment – your aim is to get rid of copy pas
  • You will ensure scalability by building highly available and reliable systems
  • You love the backend – you are always following bleeding-edge developments and like to build software of the highest quality, setting new standards, and deliver best in class solutions
  • Together with your team members and the CTO you will own and architect the application design – giving and receiving design reviews are your jam
  • Special projects: In a startup, there is always something to be done
  • Support building the tech team globally in close collaboration with the CTO


  • You bring 6+ years of experience building stable, data-driven, and highly scalable solutions
  • critical product thinking, ownership mentality, accountability, and challenging the status quo
  • You have a deep understanding of node.js typescript based server applications using the express framework and are no stranger to sequential query language, and ORMs as well
  • You have a good understanding of design principles and patterns as well as of architecting software solutions when to make tradeoffs
  • You understand docker, serverless, and modern web application hosting solutions well
  • You are an avid advocate of clean architecture, well thought out design principles, and follow best in class paradigms – a job is done when testing is done as well
  • You are proficient in Computer Science fundamentals such as data structures, algorithm design, and complexity analysis and have the ability to debug the most complex scenarios
  • You call yourself a polyglot (we are very much a javascript company, but appreciate that programming languages come in all shapes and designs)
  • You are very detail-oriented and like to work in an organized and structured way. You are able to prioritize tasks in a self-directed manner
  • You are committed to a sense of togetherness and professional exchange, guaranteeing constant further development of your team and communication at eye level
  • You are willing to ‘get your hands dirty’ in fixing pressing issues while ‘seeing the big picture’
  • You are willing to learn and use as well as give coaching feedback to improve
  • You have good communication skills and a fluent level of English


  • Be one of the first members in a well-funded company aiming at doing to collaboration and communication in logistics, what the ISO code has done for manufacturing.
  • Abundant learning opportunities from day 1
  • Ample career development options as we grow our customer base and operations globally
  • A team that helps you grow so much you can get any job and so happy you don’t want to leave
  • Leading the digital transformation of an entire industry and the ability to impact it from within
  • Flexibility to work from our “virtual office” or in-person with our young and energetic team
  • A workplace guaranteed with equality in gender, race and religion, and cares about employees’ mental health as much as their physical health
  • Becoming a team member of a potential industry leader and help pioneer sustainable and green logistics in the SME forwarding sector
  • A team that does what they say, says what they do and acts based on the AGX work manifest
  • Attractive remuneration including employee share options for standout talent