Senior Backend Engineer

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We are seeking a highly skilled Senior Backend Developer with extensive experience in Typescript, AWS or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Postgres, containers & orchestration, secure coding practices, caching systems with Redis, background job infrastructure, search systems management, and working with Large Language Models (LLMs). The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of developing and maintaining robust, scalable, and secure applications in a production environment.

  • Develop and maintain backend services using Node.js and Typescript in a production environment.
  • Design, implement, and optimize database schemas and queries for Postgres deployments, including those with sizable data (~100 GB) and high query loads.
  • Implement caching systems with Redis to improve application performance and scalability.
  • Build and maintain background job infrastructure including queues, workers, and observability tools.
  • Manage search systems such as Elastic or Solr to ensure efficient and accurate search capabilities.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and implement secure coding practices and protocols.
  • Utilize AWS or GCP services for application deployment, scaling, and management.
  • Implement containerization and orchestration technologies for deploying and managing application services.
  • Work with Large Language Models (LLMs) to integrate advanced language processing capabilities into applications.
  • Stay updated with industry best practices and technologies, and actively contribute to the technical growth of the team.


  • Strong experience of 5+ years with Node.js & Typescript in production.
  • Experience experience with AWS or GCloud.
  • Experience working with Postgres.
  • Experience with containers & orchestration.
  • Good understanding of how to write secure code.
  • Experience with decent sized Postgres deployments (i.e. ~100 GB & 10s QPs).
  • Experience building caching systems w/ Redis.
  • Experience building background job infrastructure (queues, workers, observability).
  • Experience managing search systems (Elastic, Solr).
  • Experience working with LLMs.


In addition to a market competitive compensation, we have a reward philosophy that expand beyond this.

    • Fully remote working.
    • Flexible timings. You decide your work scheduled.
    • Market competitive compensation (in $$).
    • Insane learning and growth