Senior 3D Gameplay Programmer – Elevation (12 Month FTC – Remote within the UK)

We’re looking for an exceptionally talented 3D Gameplay Programmer to help us explore, create, and deliver world leading VR games. Become one of the core team members to help path-find our remote first studio, crafting a new generation of VR development and bringing core VR games to fruition. 

As a 3D Gameplay Programmer, you will be responsible for expanding our world-class VR interaction technology in Unreal to provide a level of immersion and presence that has not yet been seen in VR games. You’ll be working in collaboration with a diverse team of programmers, designers and artists to create genre-leading titles. Drive high levels of innovation, alongside the delivery of VR game interaction and refinement of aspirational VR games. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Develop and refine the system that powers the player character’s VR interactions with the world in Unreal Engine 5. 
  • Enhance and develop the C++ and blueprint 3D systems that allow the player to manipulate the world and objects and propel themselves around the environment. 
  • Support other disciplines in creating robust and performant interactive game content. 
  • Work with peers to ensure our code is clean, organised and easy to maintain.   
  • Break down and estimate timescales for your tasks. 
  • Help with the higher-level technical design and project planning for your areas of work.  
  • Contribute to nDreams shared studio technology and drive technical innovation.  
  • Work within an agile sprint-based ‘fail-faster succeed-sooner’ methodology when discovering and exploring new interaction techniques. 
  • Be a positive behavioural and mental role model for the team and studio. 


Essential capabilities:  

  • 2-3 years of professional 3D game programming experience, with a minimum of one shipped title on a current-generation console, PC, VR headset or mobile. 
  • A thorough knowledge of C++ including high-performance programming techniques. 
  • Proven, demonstrable knowledge of 3D maths concepts including transform hierarchies, matrices, quaternions, vectors, vector/plane projection, dot/cross product and how to combine these to develop real-time 3D systems. 
  • A good working knowledge of 3D and animation engine features, including IK. 
  • Proven and demonstrable knowledge of game development processes and optimisation techniques. 
  • Demonstrable experience of delivering game features and systems using real-time game engines e.g. Unreal, Unity or proprietary. 
  • Strong communication skills with a focus on positive cross-discipline teamwork and an ability to communicate complex technical information to non-technical staff. 
  • A committed and autonomous team player, recognizing the importance and value of people within a technology environment. 

Desired experience: 

  • Professional experience in VR game development. 
  • Professional experience developing shipped games in Unreal 4 or 5. 
  • A good working knowledge of game physics systems.  
  • A good understanding of Blueprint and how to interface it with C++ 
  • Prior experience with Perforce and Visual Studio. 
  • Experience developing for Oculus, PSVR2, SteamVR or similar. 
  • Comfortable working in an Agile environment, with an ability to respond positively to change as the project progresses. 
  • Approachable and light-hearted, with a good sense of fun and a positive mental attitude. 


Who are we?

nDreams Studio Elevation is bringing the evolution of VR development to core gamers. 

We are a remote-first studio seeded by the creative talent that brought you the innovative, genre-defining, award-winning Synapse, as well as Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, Fracked and Phantom: Covert Ops. 

We are looking for exceptional talent to help pave the way forward with fresh innovation for the next generation of VR hardware and software. 

Why nDreams Elevation?

This is the opportunity to build upon an already proven, world-class foundation of VR expertise, to further shape and mould a new way of working, that continues to deliver and innovate for the next generation of core VR games.  

We are a remote first studio, with all the perks that come with it. Work from anywhere to push the boundaries of VR with cutting-edge technology and the support of established VR expertise from the wider nDreams group.    

Rapidly growing to support a variety of genres, nDreams is one of the world’s leading developers/publishers focused on VR games, creating multiple studios dedicated to making the best games out there.