Sales Engineer

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As a Sales Engineer at EngFlow, you will work in a high performance team environment to drive business development and sales growth by providing technical expertise around Build and Remote Execution to our prospects and customers. You will be at the intersection of sales and engineering.

About the company:

EngFlow is a SaaS company that is redefining how companies build software and ship well-tested products. Its remote execution service speeds up software builds by a factor of 10 or more, and the observability platform provides insights to optimize builds and tests. Created by the engineer who led the development of Bazel, Google’s open-source build system, EngFlow builds tools and connects experts in the Bazel and build ecosystem. EngFlow products are used by engineers from startups to Fortune 500 companies to accelerate developer productivity and positively impact engineering culture.

See this video to learn more:

In this role you can expect to…

  • Lead as a technical domain expert in Build Solutions (Bazel, Chromium, etc) to the sales team and technical lead on strategic client relationships
  • Technical configuring and installing EngFlow products into prospect’s/customer’s infrastructure and be able to troubleshoot technical issues to ensureEngFlow meets client objectives
  • Articulate our technology and positioning at the executive, business, and technical levels
  • Lead pre-sales engineering activities including technical discovery, technical value proposition, architectural guidance, sales campaign support and ongoing client relationships
  • Ability to provide expert guidance on Build Platforms with strong skill sets in Bazel or similar build systems, infrastructure architecture, cloud, IT operations, and development technologies and processes
  • Help foster an environment for ongoing strategic customer success
  • Actively work with EngFlow engineering team to help guide the direction of our platform

You will have the opportunity to..

  • Learn from the engineers who created Bazel
  • Build relationships with build engineers actively working with Bazel at companies such as Google, Snapchat, and many other exciting companies!
  • Contribute to Bazel to benefit the community, learn from core engineers who built Bazel, advance EngFlow remote execution, caching and observability platform, bringing fast reliable builds to hundreds of companies using it, like Snap, Fivetran, Brave and many more.


  • Hands-on Bazel experience
  • 4+ years Technical Pre-Sales / Sales Engineering experience or equivalent experience – practitioners are welcome as well
  • Software development proficiency
  • World class presentation and meeting skills
  • Ability to tie business problems to technical solutions
  • B.S. degree in an engineering or similar program from an accredited college / university preferred or equivalent experience
  • Proficiency in understanding concepts and technologies in Build Technologies, Caching, Remote Execution, DevOps, IT operations, cloud, and scheduling platforms
  • Experience with implementing software products or solutions to large and dynamic enterprise companies
  • Ability to work well in a highly dynamic / team environment that focuses on providing an amazing customer experience
  • Domestic and occasional international travel required


Package that includes base+salary, early stage equity options, great health insurance, and a matching 401k