RoR for a Leading Fintech Solutions Platform for Mortgage Providers

Join a digital fulfillment platform that offers customizable services to small and medium-sized mortgage lenders, enabling them to improve efficiency and gain a financial advantage in an increasingly competitive industry.

This revolutionary company, founded by homebuyers in 2015, has been recognized as a leading innovator in the industry by HousingWire, Progress in Lending, MReport, and others.

The technology-powered platform has helped hundreds of mortgage lending institutions across the country to connect their communities with the life-changing benefits of homeownership.

If you’re interested in revolutionizing the home-buying process with the opportunity to tackle worthwhile challenges while also building impactful solutions in a values-focused environment that supports innovation, this company would be the perfect fit for you.

Key Details to Catch your Eye

  • The engineering team is conformed of 4 teams with 5-7 members each.
  • Development methodology: Scrum
  • The onboarding includes, in addition to the project documentation, reports on current members. This helps new team members understand their colleagues’ preferences, communication styles, and online availability, promoting a comfortable environment.
  • The company’s sprints last two weeks, with the retrospective meeting on Wednesdays, both of these with a fun theme, usually movies or TV shows.
  • Recently raised 28.5M in Series B funding.

What BEONers Love about this Project:

“The aspect I enjoy the most is how much effort is put into sharing knowledge.

On Wednesdays, there are three meetings from different groups called Guilds: Backend, Frontend, and QA Guilds. This meeting is the chance to share knowledge on something you’ve been working on, proposals for improving different aspects, discussing tech debt, and discussing new technologies in general, which we’d like to introduce.” —Nicolas from Argentina.


Your Skills

  • 4+ years as a Software Engineer (Semi Sr/Sr).
  • 4+ years of experience in RoR.
  • Deep knowledge of Javascript (Node, React or Angular).
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • English Proficiency.

How You’ll Stand Out

  • Previously built or contributed to a Rails application and can comfortably maneuver through a conventional Rails and React application.
  • Background in SaaS platform development required, FinTech or Mortgage Tech preferred.

The Screening Process

  1. Verification by the BEON team.
  2. 30-minutes cultural interview to get to know you and your experience.
  3. 60-minutes technical interview (Chat or live coding).

Total expected timeframe = 4-7 days.

About connects the brightest Latin American talent with the most innovative and disruptive U.S. companies. You’ll get access to a custom vetted pool of full-time, long-term, remote software jobs with compensation comparable to U.S.-based positions.

To join is to be in a devs-first company, which means you are the priority when it comes to decision-making, client selection, and growth planning.

Develop your career at the pace you deserve.


  • USD compensation comparable to U.S.-based positions.
  • A US$ 1,500 welcome package to get you started with the right gear.
  • Health insurance.
  • Internet service.
  • Trip to Headquarters in Buenos Aires.
  • Flexible payments in crypto, wire transfer, Wise, PayPal, or Payoneer.
  • English conversation club & workshops.
  • Rewards Program: Win prizes every month by participating in weekly challenges. The annual winner will earn a trip for two to NYC!
  • Psychotherapy sessions.
  • Unlimited reskilling in Udemy, Educación IT & O’Reilly.