Recruiter – Sales/BD

GoGlobal is seeking a dynamic and seasoned 360 Recruiter with expertise in the Tech or Senior Sales domain, you will play a pivotal role in the end-to-end recruitment process that includes sourcing and engaging candidates, account management, business development and building great relationships with clients and candidates.  

The ideal candidate must possess a “hunter” mentality, proactively seeking business opportunities to drive sales growth. 

Roles & Responsibilites

  • Responsible for hands-on end-to-end recruitment with the primary objective of enhancing GoGlobal’s Recruit & Hire (R&H) brand in your region. 
  • Collaborate with hiring managers to meet client requirements, ensuring a deep understanding of their organisational culture and strategic goals. 
  • Develop and nurture client relationships with both new and existing clients across technical markets using effective business development techniques and skills. 
  • Evaluate sourcing tools and trends. 
  • Collaborate closely with our recruiters and various internal stakeholders to understand the requirements of open vacancies. 
  • Develop and implement strategies to build talent pipelines for current and future hires, including research into referral generation, talent mapping, events, and active sourcing campaigns. 
  • Source and headhunt talent, guiding candidates through the entire recruitment process, including the offer stage, counter-offer negotiations, and more. 
  • Promote brand awareness in the new region through active participation in social networking activities. 
  • Provide mentorship to less experienced consultants, setting a high standard for billings and best practices.  
  • Willingness to handle other ad hoc tasks as and when needed. 


  • Minimum 7-10 years of recruitment experience, either in-house or agency, focusing on contractor placements. 
  • Proven track record in developing both new and existing client relationships. 
  • Experience in mentoring and managing junior consultants. 
  • Excellent consultative and communication skills. 
  • Proficient in sales and negotiations. 
  • Demonstrates a strong work ethic, ambition, and resilience. 
  • Have a strong business acumen, demonstrating an understanding and ability to drive key business metrics and align strategies. 
  • If you are a dedicated recruiter with hands-on end-to-end recruitment experience and a flair for business development and are excited about helping companies navigate the complexities of international employment, we invite you to join our dynamic team at GoGlobal. 

About us

GoGlobal is the world’s fastest growing, privately owned Global Employer of Record (EOR) service provider with a globally distributed and remote workforce.GoGlobal’s technology-enabled EOR solution allows businesses of all sizes and geographies to hire staff globally without the need to set up a local entity, opening new doors to rapid expansion and growth. GoGlobal clients can hire top talent anywhere in the world – quickly, cost effectively and compliantly.

Why now

The pandemic has shown that people can be just as productive without a commute and that talent is global, not within close proximity to an office. We believe that this societal shift will continue indefinitely, and companies and potential candidates will need organizations like us to help them “GoGlobal.”

Why GoGlobal and how we’re different

  • We’re private: We totally respect that many companies raise a lot of capital and we applaud these successes. At GoGlobal, we simply like people actually in the business to control the business.
  • We’re not a rocket ship: We’re pretty happy on earth. Growth isn’t everything.
  • We’re not a tech company: We fundamentally believe that this industry cannot be replaced by tech in the foreseeable future and it’s the people that make the difference.
  • We’re profitable: We’re pretty prudent in how we spend money because we’re managing our business without outside investors. That said, we’re profitable and continue to grow sustainably. We sleep better at night knowing that we don’t have to raise money. Maybe it’s a little old school, but we believe businesses should be profitable to survive long term.
  • We’re diverse. No, really, we are. Compare the “Our People” page on our website to others you know. We think you’ll agree!
  • We’re transparent: Every month we openly share our strategy and financials so you feel ownership of your role in the company’s success.
  • We’re structured as a partnership versus a corporation: We’re the only EOR in the world that’s structured this way, allowing us to attract some of the best talent since everyone has the opportunity to be a partner in the firm.
  • We are the scrappy underdog: We think it’s more fun to be a pirate than to be in the navy.

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