Radiology Image Contributor

Radiologist: Image Contributors Wanted (Remote Opportunity)


UWorld is looking for motivated radiologists to contribute their time and knowledge to further development of our image bank. The radiology images will be used to supplement our questions and to teach medical students and residents radiology in a format that integrates rich visual content to enhance learning and long-term memory. This is a significant opportunity to be affiliated with an educational forefront.


  • Must have access to a large collection of radiology images covering a wide range of normal anatomic images as well as classic disease processes (emphasis is placed on images showing classic findings in an easy-to-identify format suitable for medical education).
  • Must be able to contribute 2–3 images for each disease process in addition to 1–2 lines of description. (See “To Apply” for sample)


  • Compensation of $50 per accepted image set/disease process

About Us

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