Power Skills Coach

At Skiller Whale we are revolutionising what technology teams are capable of with live team coaching sessions led by subject-matter experts.

We are now developing a new curriculum in ‘Power Skills’. Unlike ‘soft skills’, these transferrable, interpersonal skills are force-multipliers for any other hard skills.

Through our unique coaching, learners with strong technology skills will become significantly more effective; developing as leaders within their organisations. Our power skills modules includes, among others; understanding different leadership styles, stakeholder management and nurturing your culture.

Our learners attend a one hour session every couple of weeks, learning something new through challenging exercises with an expert leading the session to give extra context and answer difficult questions.

The role:

We are now looking for experienced engineering leaders to deliver remote coaching sessions in power skills that target the core skills required at each level of the leadership transition.

Our coaching is delivered through the Skiller Whale platform, which includes video conferencing and other tooling designed to make coaching sessions as slick as possible. High quality written content and exercises are provided by Skiller Whale, so coaches shouldn’t need to do significant preparation before a session (we assume ½ hour to read through the material, and we pay for that time).

The coach’s role involves providing learners with an outstanding experience and aiding them in grasping the topic at hand; including stakeholder management, situational leadership and effective collaboration. Coaches need to understand that the context of engineering leadership differs from the environment for which most management training is intended. Therefore, having industry experience in software engineering can be beneficial in making the learning applicable to the real-world subtleties of transitioning to a lead developer role.


We want to be seen as intelligent, playful learners, who our customers trust to coach them in how they should can develop as leaders. For our power skills coaches, that means:

  • A proven leader. You should be able to expand beyond the provided material when appropriate, building on the Skiller Whale curriculum with real world examples.
  • Significant experience of coaching and mentoring individuals to leadership level, ideally within the technology sector.
  • The ability to be able to build rapport with new groups of people easily, while maintaining professionalism.
  • An excellent communicator who is able to encourage participation and appropriately challenge learners.


  • Rate: £100 per hour (+ paid ½ hour prep time for each new module taught)
  • Flexible work options.
  • Fully remote work, forever.
  • Work with smart, interesting people who love learning new things as much as you do.