Onboarding Analyst (Call/Text customer success)

  • Anywhere

HYROS is looking to hire 2 onboarding analysts at our company who have a history of working in marketing-related companies.

If you have strong technical and problem-solving skills, used marketing software, or worked with any type of paid advertising this would be a great long-term fit for you with tons of growth potential.

Our company works with only large VIP clients spending hundreds of thousands/to millions per month and the way we do this best is working on a near 1 to 1 basic with each client as much as we can.

As a customer onboarding analyst, you will be receiving the client and helping them get their sales tracking set up in our system in the fastest and efficient manner possible.

If you are interested send me your resume here. When applying, please generate a short video mentioning who is your favorite superhero and the main reason behind that.


YOU MUST have these skills:

-The ability to read code and edit HTML/basic scripts;

-Experience with Google Adwords and Facebook ad manager;

-Past experience in customer success (NOT just support) preferably at a SaaS company;

-Perfect text communication skills;

-Extreme attention to detail;


-Experience with tools like Clickfunnels, Marketing CRMs, Autoresponders, and similar marketing software;

We are very close to scale mode at our company, so there is a huge opportunity to grow into larger roles here as well. Every day we bring on brands you probably do business with already;

Large celebrity influencers, giant commerce brands, people you see on TV or advertising on TV. If you’re looking to work with exciting impactful clients, we got them;

Please refer to our culture deck on our site. We hire based on culture first, ability to learn a fast second, and skills last.


At HYROS we hire people to work with us for 5-10 years Plus. Our main focus is coaching our team members and helping them grow in the company to become more valuable long-term assets.

We are not looking for short-term silicon valley mercenary types.

We are remote.

You will be looked after and become part of our online family. There is also potential for large amounts of career growth. Two of our vice presidents started as support people. We are constantly promoting and hiring within!

We are building the most advanced attribution and AI training system on the web. Our mission, though, is to change online advertising entirely by making it push-button easy to gather and read data to see insights in your business previously reserved for companies with data scientists and analytic departments.

We want to be like a cyborg upgrade any entrepreneur can slap on their head to instantly become 10x smarter and knowledgeable with their business effortlessly.