Next-Gen Accounting Intern

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Our Mission

At Reapra, we’re not your typical venture builder. We are in the business of building the next generation of entrepreneurs that influences long term social change in our society. Our 20-year vision is to create businesses that integrate business success, social contribution and long term well-being from Day 1. We’re a group of awkward and introspective individuals experimenting a new way of business building by pushing the boundaries of the traditional approach towards managing a company’s P&L.

The problem our team is trying to solve

Are you tired of the conventional path in accounting? Have you noticed that there is a gap of empathy between accounting members and the rest of the Company? Or wonder for hours why some of these accounting rules don’t seem to make sense? Despite all this tension you feel, you are driven by your curiosity towards creating a way to make it easily relatable to others. If yes, we’re looking to work with you to redefine the future of bookkeeping and fair valuation audit for our portfolio of entrepreneurs.


We would love to meet you if:

  • There is something critical you would like to change in the realm of accounting. This means you would have some basic knowledge of accounting or have engaged with the bookkeeping process before.
  • In order to challenge the norm, you strongly believe you have to first train yourself to do the basic and boring stuff well. 
  • Value risk-taking and taking initiative to embrace new ways of thinking and doing.
  • Are excited about the prospect of becoming a future entrepreneur.
  • Are looking for something more than just acquiring skills sets. 
  • Thrive in a remote work environment and can spend 3 months with us.
  • Are fluent in English and preferably know one more language: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or Thai.

Your time with us could be part-time (min 4 hours a day) or full-time, matching Japan and Singapore time zones. 

What might a typical day look like in terms of activities?

Scope: Bookkeeping & Fair Valuation Audit

  • Daily communication of our weekly goals and progress for the day on slack.
  • Pre-plan your calendar for the tasks and activities by reviewing the timeline.
  • 30-60 mins calls to discuss issues or on-board new processes.
  • Check our team dashboard daily to understand your next process.
  • Reviewing legal documents, financial data and meeting notes to organise and request for information to understand the full story of our investments.
  • Read about accounting rules and definitions that can help you do your job better.
  • Youtube learning on how to do analysis based on accounting logic.
  • Talking to Auditors to answer their questions.
  • Drafting our guidebook so that other team members can follow the process seamlessly.


What would working with us look like?

  • Unconventional learning: Say goodbye to structured learning. You’ll experience how we learn under high uncertainty. Our work is tightly integrated with the pace and complexities of the entrepreneur we serve. 
  • Beginner mindset: Your role will not be bound by your expertise or know-how. We are open to exploring with you even if you have no prior expertise in this field. 
  • Multicultural experience: We work across different cultures so you’ll experience the nuance in each of the cultures we work with. 
  • Collaborative learning in a team: We openly share our challenges and mistakes to help each other learn. Mistakes help us become better. We enjoy the process as much as the outcome.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and doing: We run out team like a business and we have our own P&L so we think about solving problems quite differently. Highly motivated to improve our time management, problem solving and learning about the industry and its stakeholders.