Network speed and security Team 12 Months Freelance Contract

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This initiative focuses on the creation of drivers for products that enhance network speed and security.

We are seeking engineers with skills in driver development and validation across Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD platforms. A background in Datacom Networking protocols (such as BGP, VLAN, VxLAN, etc.) or proficiency in VPP/DPDK is highly desirable.

The majority of the development will be conducted in embedded C, with validation and QA processes being either manual or automated. Engineers will need to grasp the use cases thoroughly to carry out these tasks. Depending on the specific project, automation of QA tasks will utilize Python, Perl, or C#.

The distribution of tasks is anticipated to be 30% development, 10% automation, and 60% validation.


Location: 100% Remote from European Union

Project Start: March 2024

Project Duration: The project is expected to last for more than a year.