Multimedia Technical Communicator for AI Productivity Software AIPRM

Industry: Software as a Service (SaaS) in AI

Location: 100% Remote, 95% Async, 100% in Writing

About AIPRM: AIPRM is an innovative AI productivity software on a mission to transform productivity landscapes for individuals and teams. With our AI-driven solutions, we’re making it simpler to automate tasks, enhance workflows, and make data-driven decisions.

Summary: We’re in search of a versatile Multimedia Technical Communicator who can articulate complex software capabilities into clear, actionable content. This role requires a unique blend of technical writing prowess and video production excellence, with an emphasis on creating stunning screencasts and convincing video cuts of it. Experience producing such highly educational and magically convincing content for multiple related software products is a key requirement.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Craft and maintain detailed documentation, training and user manuals, and online help systems for AIPRM.
  • Produce and edit professional 4K screencasts to visually guide users through features and updates.
  • Synthesize and elevate existing materials to create a cohesive and engaging user education journey.
  • Keep a pulse on new features and updates, ensuring that all documentation and tutorials reflect the latest enhancements in close cooperation with the development team.
  • Uphold the highest standards of quality across all forms of documentation and video content, aligned with our brand’s voice and style.


Skills and Qualifications:

  • Solid background in technical writing and video production within the software sector.
  • Mastery in creating instructional videos, with a portfolio demonstrating screencast and video editing skills.
  • Exceptional command of the English language in both in written and verbal form, main target market US.
  • Adept at understanding and documenting sophisticated software functionalities.
  • Agile and proactive in updating content to mirror software iterations and improvements.
  • Thrives in a rapid-paced, remote collaboration setting.

Education and Experience:

  • At least 3 years of experience in production of instructional technical content with a portfolio to show.
  • Being able to shoot convincing unscripted one-shots is a big plus.
  • Experience with AIPRM as a plus.

Personal Traits:

  • An eye for great design
  • A natural gift for persuasive and instructive writing, speaking and filming.
  • A hands-on approach in all efforts


  • Opportunity to work for a rapidly growing AI SaaS company with a 2+ million user audience.
  • Flexible working hours (our 100% remote team spans timezones from GMT-5 to GMT+8 currently already).
  • Work directly with seasoned SaaS entrepreneurs (20+ years each business experience) and a highly productive, results-oriented team.
  • Ability to define the future of AI and learn from the best.

Please apply with code AIPRMtechco1 and your timezone in the first sentence of your application.

Please tell us in which role, company and for how long you had a similar responsibility.