Mortgage Originator Market Leader

  • Anywhere

(In-House lender to 11,000 real estate agents, plus guaranteed leads)

We are hiring an experienced mortgage originator to work with our 11,000+ in-house real estate agents and receive at least 100 buyer leads per month. This position is for a producing manager that will serve as market leader and receive an override on other loan officers in your market.

We are part of a NASDAQ traded public company that owns a real estate brokerage, mortgage company, title, insurance and real estate technology.

We will connect you directly with active, high producing agents in our sister real estate company. By offering cooperative marketing and lead generation you are able to provide unparalleled value in addition to phenomenal mortgage products and service.

This is a unique opportunity because our real estate company is one of the largest and fastest growing in the United States, but our mortgage company is relatively small and we do not have loan originators in most markets where we have real estate agents. We hire a very limited number of originators per market.  In many markets we have over 100 high producing agents and no loan originators making this among the most attractive opportunities in the industry today.

Because our in-house agents are relying on us to partner them only with exceptional loan originators we have a very strict screening process.  To qualify you must not only be experienced and have a track record with purchase loans, but you must have a winning attitude and stellar product knowledge.  This position is not suitable for new originators or those that only have call center experience on refinances.  If you have an established track record it is our genuine objective to double your production within twelve months.

In addition to working with our affiliated real estate agents, our data driven proprietary software matches you up in real-time with active, high producing non-affiliated agents that are either nearby you, or that have listings in a particular niche that you specialize in.

You’ll be partnered with a pod of ten to twenty team agents, each of which typically receive at least ten leads per month; thus ensuring you’ll receive 100-200 leads each month.

Working with our in-house and team agents is just the start.  Our typical loan officers receive 48% of their loan volume for in-house referrals and originate about half of their business through outside sources.  

Our proprietary technology platform works equally well to drive introductions to outside agents and further cement that relationship through our lead generation system.  You provide exceptional value to your partner agents through lead generation and exceptional service and knowledge.

Naturally, you should have your own established referral sources that you should continue to nurture, but with our in-house agents and company leads we hope to double your production.

We are a national company and support the flexibility for our loan originators to work from home using our best in class technology stack as do most real estate agents.  

Unique Selling Points:

  • Our lead generation is crafted for conversion.  Using AI and big data we deliver our partner real estate agents and loan officers actionable data on quality leads.
  • Our sister real estate brokerage is ranked as one of the fastest growing in the United States.
  • Most markets have 100+ agents and no local mortgage originators.
  • Lead generation for both in-house agents and outside agents.
  • AI powered CRM identifies most active prospects.
  • In-house processing and underwriting.
  • Flexibility to work remotely from anywhere.
  • No nickel and diming you—we provide the LOS software, CRM, credit reports, scenario desk, lock desk, introductions to agents and lead generation.


  • NMLS license (if exempt, but obtain NMLS license)
  • Proven track record in originating purchase loans, with at least 3 years of experience and $6 million minimum in the last year.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Eagerness to engage with company-provided leads.
  • Regular use of video conferencing tools.
  • Proficiency in technical tools (Microsoft/Google Suite, CRM systems).


  • Engage with our in-house real estate agent team, providing training on loan programs.
  • Offer prompt and expert responses to referrals from Realtors and builders.
  • Efficiently handle incoming leads and maintain close collaboration with our agents.
  • Fully utilize and update the company CRM system.
  • Offer consultative mortgage options, pre-qualify borrowers, and handle all aspects of loan application and documentation.

Keep all transaction stakeholders informed about the status.


  • A steady stream of agent introductions and 100’s of leads.
  • Commission-based role with immediate origination opportunities.
  • 401(K) plan, health, dental, and vision benefits.
  • Highly competitive commissions.
  • Override on loan officers in your market that are on our team.
  • Competitive rates and fees due to lower overhead and operating margins.