Meta and Google Ads Expert

Role: Meta and Google Ads Superhero!

Location: Anywhere in the world (Remote)

We’re on the lookout for an amazing Meta and Google Ads Expert to join a top-notch marketing agency. This role is your chance to be at the heart of digital advertising, managing hefty budgets, crafting engaging ads, and making a real impact online. Imagine being the wizard behind the curtain, making the magic happen for brands and watching your efforts pay off!

Who We Are: Pavago

At Pavago, we connect brilliant people with fantastic jobs. We’re your gateway to exciting opportunities in U.S. companies, where you can grow, learn, and be part of something big.

Your Superhero Duties:

As our Meta and Google Ads wizard, you’ll:

  • Control Big Ad Budgets: You’ll oversee and wisely distribute a monthly ad budget of $30,000 on Facebook and $10,000 on Google Ads.
  • Craft Captivating Landing Pages: Design web pages that visitors love to explore and interact with after clicking your ads.
  • Master Conversion Tracking: Be the sleuth who figures out which ads lead to actions, like purchases or sign-ups.
  • Pen Engaging Ad Copy: Your words will draw people in, making them want to learn more and engage with the brand.
  • Analyze Like a Pro: Use Google Analytics to understand what’s working and tweak strategies for even better results.
  • Design Eye-catching Ads: Create ads that are visually stunning and impossible to ignore.
  • Strategize Media Buying: Know the best spots to place ads for maximum visibility and impact.
  • Understand the U.S. Audience: Tailor your strategies to resonate with American consumers, hitting the mark every time.
  • Experiment and Optimize: Continuously test and refine your approaches to keep the ads fresh and effective.


We need someone who:

  • Has Solid Experience: You should have at least 5 years of hands-on experience in Meta and Google Ads, adept at managing budgets, especially a minimum of $30,000 monthly for Facebook and $10,000 for Google Ads.
  • Excels in Landing Page Design: You know how to make landing pages that not only look good but convert visitors like a charm.
  • Is a Data Whiz: You can navigate Google Analytics like a pro, making data-driven decisions to boost ad performance.
  • Writes Compellingly: Your ad copy captivates and persuades, making people eager to engage.
  • Has a Designer’s Eye: You’re skilled at creating visually appealing ads that stand out in a crowded online space.
  • Understands the Market: Your strategies are fine-tuned to connect with U.S. audiences, ensuring the ads hit home every time.

Why You’ll Love Working with Our Client:

  • Make a Mark: Your work will directly impact the agency’s success, and you’ll see the fruits of your labor.
  • Join a Winning Team: Be part of a group that values collaboration, innovation, and your unique contribution.
  • Grow and Learn: Embrace continuous learning and skill enhancement in an environment that supports your professional journey.
  • Enjoy Competitive Pay: We value your expertise and commitment, offering a salary that reflects your contribution.
  • Work Remotely: This job is fully remote, allowing you to work from anywhere, provided you’re available during EST or PST (USA) hours.

Let’s Do This!

If this role excites you and you’re keen to show us your magic in Meta and Google Ads, we’re all ears! Don’t worry if you don’t check every box. If you’re passionate, skilled, and ready to learn, we’d love to hear from you.