Lead Rigger | Internal

Title: Lead CG Artist, multiple disciplines

Level: Middle-Senior

Location: Anywhere in the world

Type: Remote, Home-Working

We are extensively growing our Global Art Team

As a Lead CG Artist at 1518, you will have the opportunity to work on high quality assets in one of our exciting projects. Our 2D/3D Artists mix keen technical skills with creative problem solving to develop the assets for our video games.

1518 studios are now on the hunt for several talented and professional 2D and 3D Artists to join our Global Art Team.

As part of our 2D Art Team, you’ll be a highly qualified and experienced Concept Artist with the skills to create the initial ideas and sketches, along with excellent final renders that will support the narrative of a given game. You will be able to bring character and personality through both the set/props and characters exploration sheets. We want to see your versatility and ability to develop innovative ideas that can keep consistency with the general style of the game.

As part of our 3D Art Team, you’ll be a highly qualified and experienced 3D professional with the skills to create different type of assets using both hard-surface and sculpting techniques, 3D rigging and animations.

These positions entail a great deal of responsibility and opportunity to drive further the development of your artistic, technical, and creative expertise. We will accept applications from Artists that can work in either of the aforementioned disciplines.

We are ideally looking for mid-snr Artists that have at least around 5+ years of commercial experience in the games industry, but equally if you’re a super talented, self-taught, or even come from a different creative field, we would love to hear from you and review your portfolio.


Global Qualifications

  • A keen eye for spinning narrative and life into a character and/ or sets & props.
  • Have a good knowledge of Photoshop, CorelDraw or other 2D illustration software.
  • Previous AAA/Indie/PC games, mobile games and NFT projects or at minimum a passion for games and knowledge of the gaming industry.
  • Can quickly adapt to new client software and plugins (according to guides). Able to switch quickly and fluidly to new requirements and processes when required.
  • Able to draw in an either realistic or a cartoon style. Double points if you can do both.
  • Excellent understanding of the art fundamentals. A strong grasp of proportion, perspective, scale, lighting, colour, anatomy, silhouette and volume is key.
  • Excellent design thinking skills, able to solve creative problems through innovative design, balancing form and function.
  • The ability to provide multiple creative options, then iterate upon them as projects progress.
  • Good understanding of creative briefs, able to consider elements such as context, timescales and creative constraints when solving tasks.
  • Excellent time management skills, able to meet deadlines and multitask.
  • Excellent collaborative attitude. A receptive individual who’s open to take feedback and working together with team-mates and clients.
  • An eye-catching portfolio/reel is a must, we want to see that passion for either Characters, Environments and Props Design, 3D Rigging and 3D Animation.

2D/3D Concept Artists and Modellers:

  • Able to create top shelf quality game assets for our current and upcoming stylized projects from early concepting through to production and marketing. Skilled at creating 2D/3D concepts and models that are clean and organised. Consistently delivering well presented and defined artworks from the initial sketch/block out through to final render.
  • Have a good knowledge of Photoshop, CorelDraw or other 2D illustration software.
  • Have a good knowledge of Mari and/or Bodypaint 3D or other 3D texturing software.
  • Have skills in hard-surface modelling (preferably knowledge of 3Ds Max).
  • Exceptional technical skills, solid knowledge of 3D software (Max, Maya, Blender, Zbrush, Substance and Marmoset).
  • Solid skills while using Substance Painter and Photoshop texturing, targeting physically based rendering.
  • Familiarity with the entire game asset creation pipeline: high-poly sculpting, retopology, UV mapping, texture baking, texture painting, setting up and exporting to game.
  • Understanding of real-time engines (Unreal Engine 4, Unity) and PBR pipeline.

3D Animators and Riggers:

  • As a 3D animator you will be skilled at animating a hero or a monster, a crowd or an object. You will always think of the movement’s intention and the subject’s behaviour. It is important for you to know how the tiny details help building up the big picture in-game. You will have a strong sense of 2D/3D design, facial animation and body mechanics (realistic and cartoony) in conjunction with blendshapes or similar.
  • Skilled at working within Maya and Motion Capture data to create the animations.
  • Knowledge of computer 2D/3D animation techniques, motion design and camera movement principles. Able to animate characters, objects and special effects.
  • Experienced with animation mockups, able to plan and generate asset libraries to help smooth the pipeline.
  • High level of proficiency in 2D/3D editing and software tools like Maya, After Effects CC, Premier Pro CC, Adobe Flash, Animate CC environment, Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC to be able to deliver any kind of good quality 2D/3D assets.
  • Experience in game dev or outsource.
  • Interest in the metaverses.
  • Love of computer games.
  • Advanced English level and above.


  • 8-hour working day.
  • Generous financial reward.
  • A community of people who share a love for games and are always ready to share knowledge.
  • Remote working form home.
  • Dynamic and entrepreneurial global multicultural casual, fun environment.
  • You get to work with the latest technologies.
  • You will be working for one of the worlds leading providers of specialist services to the games industry.

Who we are

35+ Studios | 26+ Years of Experience |1,000+ Products | 60+ Awards for Clients | 8,500 Employees

PTW is a video games services company that supports video game developers and publishers through outsourced production services. We started 25 years ago and since then, have grown exponentially year on year to where we are today. Our history is in gaming, and we are gamers at heart. In our time within the games industry, we have worked on over 1500 titles across all genres and all platforms, including 8 out of the past 10 Game-Of-The-Year-winning titles.

We have grown rapidly over the past few years and now have 35 sites spanning the globe. The PTW Family of Brands includes SIDE, 1518, and Orange Rock. SIDE works at the cutting edge of interactive media as a provider of audio services for the global entertainment market. Orange Rock is our in-house game and product development studio. 1518 is our award-winning global art studio providing art-related services at every stage of the game or app development process.


Our in-house art team offers the highest-quality assets: from 2D concept design to 3D animation, in-game to package art, smartphone to VR, we make everything look amazing.

1518 Ranged across time zones and countries, we’re a diverse group of tech wizards, engineers, and strategists, with over 25 years combined on-the-job experience. Alongside our internationally-acclaimed art directors, artists, and animators, we’re building immersive game worlds through Art and Co-Dev. Our client list includes Electronic Arts, Google, Jam City, Disney, Warner Bros, and Uber. No detail is too small or insignificant, and no vision is too big or ambitious. Let’s make beautiful worlds together!

Our Values

Pole To Win’s core values are imbued across our global organization: Reinforced by our actions and our attitudes. Echoed throughout our approach to our operations and our clients. Exemplified by our culture, and most of all, our people. We build people and their careers. We actively turn to team mates for counsel, inspiration, and diverse perspectives. Relationships are built on mutual respect. Personal and professional integrity is our guiding principle. We are honest, authentic, transparent, and ethically sound. Our primary goal is to advance our clients’ businesses and their customers’ satisfaction. We set the bar for generating imaginative and effective solutions for the most challenging problems. We move with speed and agility. We love what we do. We have unwavering loyalty to our DNA, our culture, our values, and ourselves.

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