Lead Architectural Quality Control Analyst

Job Description:

This position works independently, consistently exercising discretion and good judgment but proactively coordinates with different departments.  The person for this position coordinates with clients and design professionals and strictly observes timeliness in submitting committed deliverables.


Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Responsible for checking architects’ output in terms of overall correctness, content cohesiveness, accuracy and timeliness prior to submitting to client.

·         Spearheads communication with architects to resolve clashes or corrections identified on the reviewed output

·         Proactively coordinates with Client Success team to get updates on feedbacks and propose resolution for clients’ output related concerns

·         Updates QA monitoring log sheet

·         Provides regular updates to the executive team regarding QA status

·         Facilitates training of newly hired architects prior to their onboarding with respective clients  

·         Responsible for identifying continuous learning strategies


·         Licensed Architect

·         At least 10 years of experience in Architectural design, from concept to construction

·         Experience doing Quality check of architectural drawings

·         Knowledge in checking engineering drawings is an advantage but not required

·         High proficiency in Autocad and Revit

·         Must be able to communicate with team members at all levels

·         Available to work according to US timing

·         Full-time position

·       Amenable to work remotely

Equipment Requirements:

·         Licensed or working Excel Desktop version.

·         Intel i5 or equivalent equipment with at least 8GB RAM.


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    • Permanent Work From home
    • Permanent Weekends Off
    • Great Company Culture and No Micromanagement
    • Monetary Incentives
    • Leave Credits
    • Annual Bonus

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