Junior Golang Engineer at AIPRM

Industry: Software as a Service (SaaS) in AI

Location: 100% Remote, 95% Async, 100% in Writing

About Us:

AIPRM is at the forefront of AI-driven solutions, celebrated for pioneering innovation and establishing industry standards. As much as we value groundbreaking advancements, we equally value the pillars that hold our tech foundation: those who craft and maintain the very essence of our platforms. At AIPRM, you’re not just an engineer; you’re the heart of our technical innovation.


We are actively seeking a dynamic Junior Golang Engineer, an individual with a keen eye for detail, and a thirst for knowledge. If you possess a foundational understanding of mass data processing and a budding proficiency in IT system architecture, database, and networking basics, you might be the fresh perspective we’re looking for. A hands-on experience or familiarity with Golang would be a great asset.

What You’ll Do:

– Contribute to the development of our large scale backend systems, focusing on APIs in Golang
– Participate in analyzing, specifying, and designing data components and systems.
– Assist in optimizing system performance metrics.
– Engage in collaborative peer reviews, encompassing specifications, designs, code, and testing strategies.
– Support the enhancement of our automated deployment processes, aligning with agile scalability.


Basic Requirements:

– 1-2 years of experience in software engineering in Golang
– Good understanding of operating systems, database systems, and networking principles.
– Exceptional English communication abilities in writing.

Preferred Qualities:

– Hands-on experience with Databases like Clickhouse, MariaDB/Mysql, Postgres, and interfacing those in Golang.
– Demonstrable experience in code generation and CI/CD pipeline development.
– Proficiency in conducting Functional Testing.
– Expertise in data modeling for databases and APIs.


How to Apply:

We invite adept candidates to submit their applications, inclusive of a resume and a comprehensive cover letter detailing their backend engineering accomplishments. Start your application with the code AIPRMjugolang1, followed by your timezone.

Highlight any previous roles that align closely with the responsibilities mentioned, detailing the timeframe and the company associated.

At AIPRM, every challenge is a stepping stone to innovation, and every solution is a testament to our commitment to technological progress.

We’re eager to welcome your expertise into our continual pursuit of AI-driven brilliance.

Join us, and let’s shape the future of technology, hand in hand!

AIPRM does not engage with agencies or third party recruitment solutions for the roles we hire for. If at any point we need help, we’ll let you know!