Junior Full Stack Software Engineer (Typescript)

About Us

We envision a world where groundbreaking medical therapies are judged using all available evidence and the best tools, where the science is transparent to companies, regulators, and patients alike, and where patients have access to the latest cutting-edge treatments as soon as possible.

We’re building innovation for clinical research and public health authorities. While initiatives exist that have brought standardization for clinical trial data, lengthy analysis and submission cycles remain just as increasing trial complexity presents substantial challenges in decision-making and the potential for critical errors.

The products we build empower researchers and regulators to analyze and monitor studies transparently in real-time, leading to improved and safer therapies for devastating diseases.

By joining us, you will commit yourself to building software that enables the progression and faithful assessment of clinical trial outcomes to make the world a healthier place for everyone.


At Verisian, our mission is to build the future of clinical trials and drug approvals. To help us succeed, we’re creating a unique employee culture. We’re fanatically customer obsessed, crafting world-class products that customers love with every interaction. We take extreme ownership and accountability of our work, seeing whatever we do through to completion. We communicate candidly and directly with each other, even when it’s uncomfortable. We’re innately curious, open to alternative perspectives and invest passionately in our own continuous growth.

Role Description

As a Full Stack Software Engineer, you will join our world-class engineering team in building the Verisian Platform. You will work on a Next.js-based application and a Theia extension that exposes our clinical trial insights to statistical programmers, statisticians, and reviewers. Theia is based on Express.js and React and relies fundamentally on Inversify.js. We are building a variety of visualizations using exciting libraries (reactflow, d3) to provide our customers with a maximum of insight, drawing from extensive data pipelines that process the code used to analyze clinical trials. 

The Tracer will form the foundation of the Verisian Platform, which will bring value to a highly regulated and crucial process for humanity’s progression. You will therefore also be responsible for extensive automated testing and strong participation in building and deployment. The Validator and Submitter target the quality control processes of clinical trials and will enable statistical programmers to deliver their work faster, at higher quality, and in greater confidence.

As part of our core team, you will join us in building and testing new functionality, troubleshooting customer issues, finding root causes, and deploying required fixes to ensure maximal user impact and performance.

Our application stack is currently based on Next.js and Theia (Express.js and React/TypeScript) and deployed via Docker/Kubernetes in the cloud. We run code analysis pipelines based on Antlr4 and Java. Git is where our code lives, and Github Actions is how it gets out into the world.

We currently focus on our core products: the Verisian Tracer and Validator. Our tooling automatically extracts full dataset and column-level data lineage information from existing clinical trials to enable trial building, understanding, editing, communication, as well as trial code and data reuse. This means clinical trials are analyzed faster and better to the benefit of all of humanity.


  • Extensive experience with TypeScript and React
  • Extensive experience with Next.js/Express.js/async Node.js frameworks
  • Extensive experience with HTML/CSS layouting, cross-browser compatibility, responsive design
  • Extensive experience developing client-server applications
  • Experience identifying and resolving performance and scalability issues
  • Experience in testing, integration testing, build and release management (CI/CD, Github Actions/similar)
  • Experience using cloud infrastructures like Kubernetes & Docker
  • Experience working in AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Strong focus on building as a team
  • Strong communication skills
  • “If it’s not code and documented, it doesn’t exist”-mindset
  • Iteration mindset
  • We & mission mindset

Bonus points for:

  • Experience with graph / network visualization (reactflow, graphviz, d3/similar)
  • Experience with Theia / VS Code extension development
  • Experience with Tailwind/similar
  • Experience with graph theory / algorithms

We welcome candidates of diverse experience levels, and meeting every requirement is not mandatory. Research indicates that underrepresented groups tend to apply only if they meet all qualifications. If you’re enthusiastic about the role, please apply and let our recruiters evaluate your application.


  • What you build impacts the lives of people around the world
  • Highly collaborative, ambitious and world-class team
  • Employee Stock Options Plan
  • All remote, asynchronous work environment
  • Additional benefits depending on country of residence