Job Description Writers for Professional Jobs

We are excited to release this opportunity for remote workers to assist us in improving candidates understanding and access to open job. With the recent challenges caused by the pandemic we are seeing unusual jobs come into the market and seeing an unpredictable number of applicants for these jobs. This hurts job seekers and companies and you will be an important part of solving this problem.

You will receive pre-selection training to identify people that are capable of performing the job and this will also give you a full understanding of what the job entails so you can have the confidence in deciding if you want to do this work.

The number of applicants selected will also ramp up over the coming months. Some will start in 2020 but many more will start in 2021.

If selected for next steps you will be invited to a webinar to learn more about this job from our company CEO.


Ability to take constructive criticism in training and execution of all work related product.

Excellent written command of the English language.

Ability to prioritize making job descriptions open and inclusive for all qualified people.

Creativity to help identify and access networks of people to attract qualified applicants.

Desire to be thoughtful in developing the job descriptions.

Attention to detail is important because one small error can cause people to miss an important job opportunity.

Constant access to a desktop or laptop computer with consistent internet.

Ability to use and navigate online systems like our applicant tracking systems.


You will be able to make your own hours. We only ask that you select day and time slots when we know you can be available.

You will be helping people and employers be matched so more people can get back into work.

We will also invite you to participate in beta testing, on a volunteer basis, for a new mobile application. Your feedback will help our team of engineers to deliver meaningful job matching more efficiently.

This role does not come with additional benefits.