Java Software Engineer

At itracMarketer/Reachstack we are continually innovating and striving to build a top quality SAS cloud marketing platform and service, that drives success for our customers. We are a leading edge SAS marketing application provider, based in Toronto Ontario that features Email marketing, Distributed marketing, marketing automation, Social Media, CRM functionality and CASL compliance.

We are looking for an experienced Java software engineer with experience in java, MySql databases, creating web services api’s, and creating data sharing connections to other systems. If you are looking to work in a small tight knit agile team environment, and join a growing company that is proud to work with a number of well recognized brands then read on because this awesome opportunity may be for you.


High level requirements:

1). Core Java: Object Oriented Programming skills in java along with focus on core java features like inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation, exception handling, multi-threaded programming (thread safety), synchronization, java processes/threads.

2). Java Web Development: This includes jsp, jsf (primefaces experience is preferred), servlets, REST APIs

3). Database: Ability to analyze business requirements and design database structure based on requirements (Normalization/Denormalization of db structures). Use right strategies to optimize data retrieval, and batch update operations.

Tool & Technologies:

Experience necessary includes 3 or more years of hands-on experience with Java and web front-end technologies and tools (JSF, JSP, javascript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, AJAX).

Experience with 1 or more relational database platforms (Oracle/MS SQL Server/MySQL/DB2/others).

Candidates must be familiar with and have hands on experience with server side Java development for example; TomCat, Spring, Eclipselink JPA, Hibernate, JSF, Glassfish, JBoss

Three critical requirements for this position

• Minimum 3 years experience with Java, specifically Java Enterprise Edition. (JEE) -Strong Java background, including experience with Java EE (Java, EJB, JPA – JDBC, JMS, XML, REST, SOAP, XSD, WSDL, SSL, JAXB, Java EE Design patterns)

• Minimum 4 years experience with Java based Web Development

• Minimum 4 years experience with Tomcat or Eclipse Glassfish

Three essential requirements for this position:

• Web design experience, Ajax, HTML5, Javascript (JQuery), CSS

• Good experience with Object Oriented Programing

• Ability to create database design based on the requirement analysis

• Experience in Spring Framework

• Experience in Tomcat Web server or any other Web/Application server.

• Experience in JUnit, log4j, subversion, git, cruise control/Jenkins, checkstyle

Desirable requirements for this position:

• Excellent SQL skills – MYSQL

• Primeface front end

* Experience with SPA web application frameworks like ReactJS is a bonus


Competitive base salary, health benefits including dental. Remote work flexibility.