Hubspot Sales Consultant

As Hubspot Sales Consultant, your objective is to help DACH B2B SaaS & Professional Service Entrepreneurs to build & scale sales quickly with our world-class Hubspot services that are complemented with our bespoke Lead Generation & 1:1 Sales Coaching offerings. 

You will work with committed B2B entrepreneurs investing typically EUR 5’000-20’000 to implement or optimise Hubspot with us (one-time) and then work with them as a Sales Operations partner on an ongoing basis at a client investment of EUR 10’000-25’000 per year.

This role requires you to be a hands-on, diligent professional at the intersection of B2B Sales, Sales Operations & CRM consulting, increasing sales efficiency and not creating “paper tigers”.

SalesPlaybook Core Values: We believe strongly in “Right People & Right Attitude First”:

  • Drivers only: You take accountability for your domain and ownership of the outcomes we promise both internal and external clients. You identify issues, propose feasible solutions and take decisions proactively. You are in the driver seat. You get shit done.
  • Bottom-Line Impact: You get up in the morning to help founders build 8-figure businesses quickly without trial & error. You put the clients first. You think in created impact instead of hours spent.
  • Still Day 1: You do not see problems, but challenges & opportunities. You strive to become 1% better every day. You are hungry in ambition, but humble in execution. You are coachable.


  • You will independently setup, manage & deliver Hubspot Sales Hub projects along the SalesPlaybook CRM Implementation & Optimisation Approach
  • You will contribute EUR 15’000-30’000 earned revenue (“Billables”} per month
  • You will proactively identify up-/cross-sell opportunities and help the Founder & CEO to close EUR 5’000-25’000 Hubspot deals by positioning yourself as a trusted advisor
  • You will (over time) contribute to the continuous improvement & asset creation of SalesPlaybook’s Hubspot sales & marketing assets and Standard Operating Procedures in your function as a Subject Matter Expert


  • Build & scale DACH’s leading Sales Enablement agency for B2B entrepreneurs 
  • Work with 2-5 committed clients at a time, learning about scaling sales efficiently
  • Position yourself as a Key Person of Influence in DACH’s B2B Sales ecosystem
  • Work 90% remotely and getting decisions done in days instead of weeks
  • A competitive compensation based on a meritocracy instead of politics
  • Education Budget of CHF 3-5k per employee