Head of Developer Relations – Fully Remote

Career Renew is recruiting for one of its clients, a web3 company, a fully remote Head of Developer Relations – candidates need to be based in EU/UK.

We are looking for a highly skilled and motivated Head of Developer Relations (DevRel) to shape and lead our DevRel strategy, helping us achieve our ambitious goals.

We treat blockchains as distributed databases and build tools that allow working with them like regular databases, with all the convenience and trust.

In a world where just anything is trustless by itself (aka zero-knowledge, zk), we build tools that make things provable and trustworthy. In particular, we make:

– DBMS that works over blockchains and provides a developer-friendly interface.

– Proof system and a cryptography library for making transactions cryptographically provable.

– Compiler that makes code in C++ and Rust compatible with this proof system and enables building provable applications.

– Market for the computation of zero-knowledge proofs.

The success of our business relies on the wide adoption of our technologies. This is where the Developer Relations team comes on stage.

The purpose of the Developer Relations team is to make engineers’ life at work better. We do it by building the community, communicating with it about our technology, and returning feedback to our team. We also support our researchers and developers in all things related to technical communications and knowledge sharing.

Key Responsibilities:

– Helicopter View and Strategy Development: develop and articulate a comprehensive strategy for DevRel based on the current state and our desired future state

– Goal Setting and Prioritization: decompose the overarching DevRel strategy into specific goals

– Prioritization Mechanism: implement a mechanism for prioritizing different DevRel initiatives, ensuring a balanced approach to activities such as documentation, conferences, online community engagement, and more

– Documentation and Example Development: establish a process for creating and maintaining documentation and examples for our toolchain

– Integration and Partner Support: develop and maintain a system for assisting integrations and partner-related inquiries, with a focus on efficiency and knowledge retention

– Technical Content Production: oversee the production of technical content, providing guidance on content types, quality, and distribution channel


– Demonstrated expertise in leading and managing DevRel teams

– Track record of successfully building and optimizing DevRel processes

– Proven experience in Developer Relations or a related field

– Exceptional strategic thinking and problem-solving skills

– Strong project management and organizational abilities

– Technical knowledge and familiarity with the development community

– Ability to work collaboratively and build relationships with internal and external stakeholders

– Technical background