Global Corporate IT Engineer (Japan – Fully Remote)

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ソラコムのCorporate IT Engineerは、より使いやすく効率的な社内システムの提供を通じて、ソラコムの成長と成功を支えるエンジニアです。エンジニアリングチームの一員として、エンジニアやバックオフィスチーム、セールスオペレーションチームと連携しながら社内システムの企画・導入・運用・サポートを行い、ソラコム全体の生産性を向上させます。


ソラコムのCorporate IT Engineerは、より使いやすく効率的な社内システムの提供を通じて、ソラコムの成長と成功を支えるエンジニアです。エンジニアリングチームの一員として、エンジニアやバックオフィスチーム、セールスオペレーションチームと連携しながら社内システムの企画・導入・運用・サポートを行い、ソラコム全体の生産性を向上させます。


  • 日本およびグローバル全体の従業員の生産性の向上に寄与するITシステムの企画立案・評価・導入・運用・改善・サポート
  • 複数SaaS間の連携や、SaaSとSlackとのインテグレーションなどの検証と実装
  • 従業員のPCやデバイスの選定と管理 (MDM)、セットアップ作業を含む技術サポート
  • ソフトウェアライセンスや業務利用のアカウント・権限管理の自動化・効率化


About Soracom

Soracom was founded in 2015 by AWS veterans with a clear vision to build a more connected world. Today, Soracom serves over 20,000 customers and connects over five million devices worldwide, delivering connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) powered by the speed and scale of the cloud. Headquartered in Tokyo with additional offices in the US and UK, Soracom is now building out a global team to continue the company’s rapid growth.

Soracom is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we take pride in the diversity of our employees, valuing the special experience and expertise that people from different backgrounds bring to our business. The ability to develop ground-breaking technologies is one of our key assets and our people make it happen. Come and join Soracom to create the transformative technology that enables our customers to engineer a better world.


We are a scaling start-up leveraging the power of cutting-edge technologies to impact the world. Our team of outstanding professionals is equipped with the following qualities:

  • Self-motivated, autonomous and hands-on
  • Quick to adapt to new things and flexible
  • Respectful of others, and with integrity
  • Tech-savvy and inquisitiv

Key Responsibilities

The Global Corporate IT Engineer at Soracom is an engineer who supports Soracom’s growth and success by providing more user-friendly and efficient internal systems. As a member of the engineering team, you will work with engineers, back office teams and sales operations teams to plan, implement, operate and support internal systems to improve productivity across Soracom.

Soracom’s business is global and its organization is expanding not only in Japan but also across the world. We will continue to deploy easy-to-use and efficient systems to support better working practices in geographically dispersed environments.

The role of the Global Corporate IT Engineer

  • Planning, evaluation, implementation, operation, improvement and support of IT systems that contribute to increased employee productivity throughout Japan and globally
  • Verification and implementation of integration between multiple SaaS and integration between SaaS and Slack
  • Technical support, including selection and management of employee PCs and devices (MDM) and set-up tasks
  • Automation and efficient management of software licenses and business use accounts and permission



  • Google WorkspaceやSalesforce、Slackなど各種SaaSを活用する情報システム部門あるいはCorporate IT Engineerとして3年以上の経験
  • プログラミングやスクリプティング、APIに関する知識や経験
  • ITセキュリティに関する知識
  • ITを利用した業務効率化に対するモチベーション
  • 自らの手を動かして試す・体験することができる姿勢
  • 社内のグローバルチームとの仕事をリードできるビジネスレベルの日本語/英語


  • システム導入に関するプロジェクトマネジメントの経験
  • システムを利用した業務・ワークフロー改善の経験
  • プログラミングやスクリプティングに関する知識や経験
  • IT統制全般の知識
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS, ISO27001)やSOC 2の知識
  • 起業もしくはスタートアップでの勤務経験
  • AWSでのインフラ構築・運用経験


Key requirements

  • 3+ years’ experience as an Information Systems department or Corporate IT Engineer using various SaaS such as Google Workspace, Salesforce, Slack, etc
  • Knowledge and experience of programming, scripting and APIs
  • Knowledge about IT security
  • Motivation to use IT to improve operational efficiency.
  • Business level Japanese/English with the ability to lead work with internal global teams

Preferred Experience and Skills

  • Experience in project management related to system implementation
  • Experience of using systems to improve operations and workflow
  • Knowledge of designing IT governance and policies of a organization
  • Knowledge of Information Security Management System (ISMS, ISO27001) and SOC 2
  • Experience of launching a business or working in a start-up
  • Experience in building and operating infrastructure on AWS




年収:年俸制 昇給年1回



Flexible working hours : 8 hours per day between 5am to 10pm (with 1 hour break)

Salary : Annual salary system with a chance of salary increase

Vacation : Sat, Sun and public holidays, Annual paid vacation