Full-Stack Web3 Developer

CloudHire is seeking a highly skilled Full-Stack Web3 Developer to join our innovative team. As a Full-Stack Web3 Developer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and deploying decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain and integrating them with web technologies. You will work closely with our cross-functional team to deliver cutting-edge solutions that leverage blockchain technology.


You’ll be collaborating with our smart contract developers and UX/UI designers to completely build the frontend and backend of DApps of all types from ICOs, Real Estate Tokenization, DeFi Protocols, Marketplaces, Launchpads, etc. Finally, You’re in charge of where and when you get your work done. We’re about results, not micromanaging, as long as you are meeting deadlines, you can organize your day as you please. We set 8 working hours between 9 am-9pm CEST. We’re expanding quickly and seeking someone eager to grow alongside us. While we have a diverse team of developers skilled in various areas, we’re specifically searching for an individual who can potentially take on a leadership role as a lead developer within the next 3-6 months.

Role – Remote
Salary Budget – upto 30 LPA

    1. Basic Knowledge & Experience with Solidity smart contracts, including deployment, verification, and testing. Note: Additional support and guidance will be provided for complex projects.
    2. Proficiency in ReactJS/NextJS with the ability to efficiently convert Figma designs and animations into high-quality code. Demonstrated experience in maintaining an organized code structure, implementing smooth interactions between components, and prioritizing User Experience (UX) in development.
    3. Expert knowledge of web3.js/ethers.js and the capability to integrate wallets (Metamask, Rainbow wallet, web3modal) into Decentralized Applications (DApps). While templates, assistance, and training will be provided, an excellent understanding of these technologies is more than required.
    4. Expertise in Backend Development in Node.js and MongoDB/PostgreSQL
    5. Familiarity with tools such as GitHub, Slack, Notion, and Vercel.
    6. Having led a dev team before is highly valued. We are looking for somebody who can begin as a part of the dev team and transition into being the lead dev.


      1. Proficiency in written communication in English and Good verbal communication in English. Spanish is a plus.
      2. We have technical knowledge requirements for this job but the fact of the matter is that we only work with great people, with A players, those who energize you through their attitude and character. Positive, patient, and genuine.
      3. Self-motivated, proactive problem-solver, and dedicated to delivering high-quality work. Strives for perfection in their craft and displays genuine care for the projects and potential challenges that may arise with clients.
      4. Thorough and diligent in code testing to ensure robust and error-free implementations. When we push code, it works.


      • Work From Home
      • Training & Development
      • Performance Bonus