Founder Staff (Full Time, Remote)

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Job Description:

At Hike, we’re building the Rush Gaming Universe

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Hike Code ( Our core cultural values )

The Hike Code is our cultural operating system. It is our set of values that guides us operationally on a day to day basis. We have 9 core values:

  • Top Talent in Every Role → Both a quest for greatness & shared values are important to us ‍♂️
  • Pro-Sports Team → Strength-based, results driven with a “team-first” attitude ⚽️
  • Customer Obsession → We exist to delight our customers
  • Innovation & Make Magic → Courage to walk into the unknown and pioneer new fronts
  • Owner not a Renter → Proactive & radically responsible. Everyone is an owner
  • Think Deeply → Clear mind, obsession to simplify & data-informed ‍♀️
  • Move Fast → Ruthless prioritization & move fast ‍♂️
  • Be curious & keep learning → Curiosity to acquire new perspectives, quickly ‍
  • Dream Big → Courage to climb big mountains

The Founder Staff role at Hike is expected to wear multiple hats and be one step ahead of the game. You will be the operational force that powers our Founder & CEO. You will use the craft to unblock things for the CEO, helping him effectively execute every day.

Skills & experience we’re looking for ‍

  • Experience of supporting a senior executive of a tech company or fast-growing startup I Owner not a Renter
  • Sharp written and verbal communication skills, including flawless grammar and a rich vocabulary I Think Deeply
  • Ability to juggle between multiple tasks, with attention to detail without losing focus and extremely organized I Think Deeply
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, anticipate issues, stay calm under pressure, ability to navigate and thrive in ambiguity I Top talent in every role
  • High level of confidentiality, professionalism, and good judgment I Top talent in every role
  • Highly proficient and comfortable with the use of technology for productivity, communications, and experience I Think Deeply
  • Demonstrates high EQ, proven track record of strong follow-through & Ownership I Pro sports team
  • Proactive and resourceful anticipates CEOs needs and delivers at the high quality expected I Innovate & Make Magic
  • Should be able to respond effectively to changing workloads and priorities and be used to working independently with limited support I Owner not a Renter
  • Ability to work in an ambiguous environment. I Move Fast
  • Prior experience with all this is not critical :), just a mindset of learning and growing I Think Deeply

You will be responsible for

1. Planning & Operations → Administrative support to the CEO

  • Operations → Provide administrative support to the CEO, including meeting cadence, calendar management, scheduling his appointments, meeting coordination, and other administrative tasks
  • Operations → Act as a liaison between the founders and various departments, facilitating communication and alignment on priorities
  • Planning → Manage a multi-city travel itinerary, taking into account time zones, covid protocols, weather delays, traffic and fatigue levels
  • Planning → Proactive advance planning for all management committee meetings and Board meetings (including preparation/editing of presentation where required)
  • Planning → Understand the priorities, and have a knack for what’s going around so that you can be strategic about how to manage things
  • Dealing with Ambiguity → Be ready to throw the entire schedule out of the door when an emergency comes up, then pick it up again when the dust settles
  • Operations → Manage internal & external relationships including administrative preparations for investors, board members, press, partners, and social acquaintances

2. Strategy → Research & Analytical Support

  • Strategy → Develop and maintain a deep understanding of the market, industry trends, and the competitive landscape, and use this knowledge to inform CEO take strategic decisions
  • Strategy → Use data and analytics to inform decision-making and track progress on key initiatives.
  • Innovation → Conduct research, be social media aware, fact-check existing work and prepare reports and summaries
  • Planning → Collaborate with internal teams to gather data and information for various projects

3. Innovation & Operations → Program Management

  • Leadership → Support the CEO in driving cross-functional initiatives and projects to support the growth and success of the company
  • Operations → Help the CEO office staff to refine workflows, processes, meeting cadences, tools, calendars, and communications to enhance productivity
  • Planning → Anticipate the needs of the CEO, see the bigger picture situation, and solve challenges before they land
  • Leadership → Track and help drive the completion of key deliverables and work with some of the brightest minds in the gaming ecosystem

Good to have

  • Leadership → A terrific work ethic accompanied by an ever-positive, get-it-done attitude.
  • Leadership → Ability to take on increased responsibilities as the position advances.
  • Leadership → Ability to prioritise and handle multiple assignments at any given time while maintaining a commitment to deadlines.
  • Leadership → Ability to react with appropriate levels of urgency to situations and events that require quick response or turnaround.

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