Finance Manager (Remote)

Do you geek out on calculating EBITDA, management labor efficiency ratios, & IRR in a business?

Love working strategically with a leadership team to devise annual / quarterly growth & hiring plans that align with the company’s targets?

Would you consider yourself a strategic finance leader that uses numbers to grow a business systematically?

If so, you might be exactly who we’re looking for..

Client Accelerators is a next-generation advertising agency which uses proprietary analytical marketing methods to help digital businesses grow their revenue by 200 – 500% a year. They have grown revenue at a compound annual growth rate of over 192.67% since 2018 and grew 43.31% in 2021 alone, making the Company one of the fastest-growing advertising agencies in the US. By 2025, My Client aims to exceed $14 Million in revenue before setting its sights on even loftier targets.

We have an immediate opening in our company for a Finance Manager. This person will report directly to the Director of Operations and will be responsible for spearheading the major functions of the Finance and Accounting department as follows:

1) Strategic & Routine Finance / Accounting
2) Forecasting and Budgeting
3) Strategic Analysis
4) Fundamental Profitability Reporting.

This role will provide a supporting role with M&A and Capital Raising.

The finance manager will adopt the overall annual goals and plan, agreed upon by the Leadership Team and drive those results. The finance manager plays a pivotal role in planning & executing the financial strategy with the leadership team and the teams under them to achieve financial targets and targeted return on invested capital.

This is a leadership role, where you will be responsible for working with the executive team, attending annual & quarterly in-person strategic planning sessions, and developing a team under you.

This position is ideal for someone who wants career growth and the opportunity for advancement in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. The Finance Manager who joins our company will be a forward-looking leader in the field who sets the bar and knows that in joining our company he or she will have the chance to make an immediate impact directly to the bottom line for the continued growth and success at Client Accelerators.


Strategic Finance

  • Annual strategic planning and analysis: Collaboratively develop business strategy with leadership team; strategically critique proposed business plans. Run budget analysis of proposed strategic initiatives and hone according to financial viability
  • Company performance dashboards: Identify KPIs cumulatively indicative of company-level business performance/projected performance and useful to entire corporate staff; build, maintain and regularly update a dashboard of performance data based around those KPIs
  • M&A: provide a supporting role relative to due diligence, pro forma financial statements and post-acquisition integration
  • Capital raising: Work with CEO to identify, network and perform company presentations to appropriate debt or equity financing partners if needed
  • Monthly financial forecasting and budgeting: Gather all desired expenses and revenue initiatives from budget stakeholders across company; compile monthly 24-month forward looking P&L/Balance Sheet/Cash Flow financial forecast based on all desired expenses and revenue initiatives using company financial analysis model. Hone monthly financial forecast into strategically prioritized and approved expense and revenue initiatives for the next one-month business cycle
  • Finance project management: Manage strategic finance projects to agreed upon specs, with completion on deadline, and with quantifiable results
  • “Partner” financial preparations: Prepare ad hoc and periodic required accounting/finance reporting and analysis needed to satisfy any special reporting requirements and answer questions of outside business “partners” (e.g. licensors, potential strategic partners)
  • Strategic analysis: Provide management or team members with ad-hoc analysis or assistance with modeling for planning or decision making

Routine Finance / Accounting

  • Bookkeeping: Manage and oversee the bookkeeper who will: Scan and assign bills to account owners through online system; manage sales tax remittance; post bank and credit card activities to ledger; process receipts and expense approvals; complete periodic reconciliations; distribute A/P reports to P&L account owners; follow up with payable vendors as needed
  • Company financials development and ongoing production: Develop, refine, and maintain basic monthly and year-to-date company P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement reporting
  • Month-end/Year-end close: Work with the bookkeeper will close the company books by carrying out documented month-end account reconciliations as well as all month-end journal entries for: accruals, pre-paids, depreciation, amortization, reversals and various splits.
  • Ongoing expense controls: Develop, implement and maintain strict ongoing pre- and post-disbursement expense controls to ensure that all disbursements are pre-approved and all amounts are accurate
  • Entity and partner tax preparation and strategy: Work with external tax preparer to complete LLCr tax filings in fashion consistent with pre-identified optimal tax strategy
  • Review/Audit oversight: Provide in-house support and oversight for external accounting firms or other parties, if needed. May require some high-end analysis work
  • Maintain company documents: Work with general counsel to ensure that important company/organizational documents are organized in paper and electronic format at all times in case needed for legal, due diligence or external accounting work


  • Business insurance needs identification/insurance policy negotiation: Develop running analysis of business risk areas in which insurance is needed; identify potential insurers per area; select insurers and negotiate terms
  • Quantitative staffing models: Develop, maintain, and run monthly quantitative staffing models to identify the number, quantity and timing of new hires needed in “variablized” staffing areas of the company, i.e. Media Buyers, Salespeople, etc..
  • Vendor relations: Spearhead response to company vendor inquiries (financial, legal or general) and review all current company vendor contracts for legal and financial acceptability and negotiate/renegotiate using best negotiating practices to achieve winning outcomes for the company


  • Annual and quarterly Financial Planning & Analysis are successfully Outlined and rolled out before each Meeting.
  • All Departments Have KPIs, Payback Periods, and Targets That Are Set With Dept. Heads Quarterly.
  • Develop 3 Banking Relationships & Acquire $2 Million Dollar (or more) LOC.
  • Help Complete 1 M&A Deal In The Next 12 Months.


  • We use Skype internally – it is the go to for any communications
  • We use Slack for Client Communications
  • We value over-communication (more context the better)
  • We value speed in communication (be prompt in responding or provide context as to why you may be slow to respond)
  • Weekly Full Team Meetings
  • Daily Stand Ups with Pod Leads
  • Quarterly In-Person Events with Leadership Team


Client Accelerators is the ‘go to’ company for coaches, consultants, experts, & authors who want to achieve sustained growth through paid acquisition channels like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok & Google.

We were the 207th fastest-growing company on the Inc 5000 list last year, and have had record growth for an advertising agency, growing an incredible 2,574% over the past 3 years.

We’ve been able to have this record growth because of the incredible results we’ve been able to get for our clients, which has allowed us to speak on stages all over the world on our strategies & tactics to doubling, tripling or even 10x their profits by working with us.

We take a hands-on approach to growing each client we bring in by scripting all of their creatives, video production, tracking, & running their ads on these channels to hit agreed upon targets.

Our proven approach has allowed us to spend over $150 Million Dollars & generate over $300 Million Dollars in verified sales in the past 5 years. Currently, our company is focused on founder-led businesses across the e-learning, SaaS and service-based internet space.

We believe great people are at the center of every successful business. Employees are provided a full suite of benefits, including competitive compensation, healthcare, unlimited paid time off, and a fully remote working environment. (We also have offices in New Jersey, Georgia, & Florida if you’d prefer to work in-person ).

What makes Client Accelerators so different? For one, our founder, Mike Buontempo is a consultant himself, who has been consulting with different companies & entrepreneurs for the past 13 years.

Our vision is to attract and hire the very best people to help our clients grow profitably and systematically through paid media.

Client Accelerators Core Values

  • We are problem solvers: If you spot a problem in our company or a client’s company, provide a solution. There’s millions of problems, and not as many problem solvers, be the solution.
  • Open Source Code: We share what’s working with everyone
  • Empty The Bucket: Picture this, if you just spent two hours cleaning your car, you put all of the cleaning materials away, but you notice you missed a spot. What do you do? You go back, get everything back out, and complete the job to perfection
  • We’re a ‘TEAM’ not a Family: Leaders at CA hire, develop, and cut smartly, so we have Superstars at every position
  • Ownership Thinking: Going out of your way to make sure your actions and the actions of your peers are in the best interest of the company
  • Being The Best: Mastering your domain so you’re the best in the world at i



“Hard” Qualifications

  • 5-6 years minimum previous accounting and finance experience
  • Relevant industry experience working for a small to medium sized growth-oriented company in a service based business
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance required
  • MBA and/or CPA strongly preferred OR substantial accomplishments (IE: IPO, raised significant capital, acquired companies).
  • Previous experience in pro forma modeling for company acquisitions
  • Previous years of direct operational experience with exposure to broad areas of a company, including management of people and operational projects
  • High level of proficiency in financial & predictive modeling while providing meticulous attention to detail
  • Previous experience in monthly and yearly closings and generating monthly financial statements
  • Experience running projects from inception to oversight and execution resulting in a positive outcome
  • Familiarity and experience with tax preparation and strategy
  • Strong quantitative analysis skills (Expert level w/ MS Excel) with high abstract reasoning ability
  • Strategic thinker who understands markets and business models and has past experience of actionable business outcomes that resulted in successful wins for a company
  • Strong process-orientation and history of leading and forming efficient, effective and optimal-sized teams relative to output needs

“Soft” Qualifications

  • Intellectually curious by nature and likes to ask probing questions
  • Excellent interpersonal and group communication skills to lead discussions and hold people accountable
  • Natural leader who can motivate and inspire by mandating and executing on vision and goals for the department and the company
  • Polished and professional in representing company to investors and vendors
  • Deadline-oriented multi-tasker who is used to making fast decisions in a flexible environment without sacrificing process orientation or interaction with team members
  • Ability to organize projects, lead project teams and run internal business processes by holding people accountable to deliver agreed upon results
  • Strong negotiator in dealing with third-party vendors and easily able to negotiate targeted business or contract terms with favorable outcomes
  • Experience in continuous process improvement to increase efficiencies and optimize results
  • Critical and strategic thinker who understands business models and has the ability to provide intelligent input on company’s business strategy


Unlimited PTO
Great career growth opportunity – You’ll be working with ‘A’ players in Operations, Sales, Creative, and Media Buying
Opportunity to attend Global company events