Experienced project manager with HR and Operational expertise

We are a company based out of Kolkata, working remotely to manage the payroll and invoicing operations for USA based company. We manage human resources related activities like keeping track of new employees, payroll processing and invoicing.

We are looking for someone who is detail oriented and able to support our team by keeping information organized. The main work is managing workers in USA so you will have to adjust your timing based on the clients requirements.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Work as a project manager providing oversight of team members
  • Ensure HR compliance for new hires and workers
  • Maintain organized records for workers for audit purposes
  • Track their projects and their worked hours
  • Ensure 100% data accuracy so there should be no downstream errors while generating payroll, invoices or reports

It will be an added bonus if you can help with:

  • Basic accounting tasks like create and send invoices
  • Create and monitor budgets, P&L for projects
  • Ensure accuracy of the data provided in reports

This position requires that you work nightshift because you will be dealing with US clients who are 12 hours behind your timezone.