Executive Assistant – 16889312655


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Position: Executive Assistant (Full-time)

Salary: up to 2000 USD/month (depends on skills and years of experience)

Working Hours: Flexible PST Timezone

About the Company:

Our goal is to accelerate humanity’s progress, by giving every child on Earth an education they love.

We started by building a network that connects teachers, children, and families. Our flagship app is the #1 communication app connecting K-8 teachers, children, and families, globally. They use it to share what’s happening throughout the day through photos, videos, messages, and activities. It is actively used at an unprecedented scale: in over 95% of US schools, reaching ~51 million children in ~180 countries, with a team of just ~200 people). We are now beginning to use this network to give kids the best learning experiences in the world, far beyond those a standard school can provide. 

We hire for talent density. Our team comprises the most talented, entrepreneurial, and innovative teammates from around the world, with experience in education and large-scale consumer internet companies, including Instagram, Netflix, Dropbox, Stripe, Lyft, Y Combinator, and more. We’re building a company where the most talented people want to work. We believe you’ll do the best work of your life here—and you’ll pioneer the future of education, too.

This role will provide executive operations support to the Head of Revenue; and may expand to support other leaders over time.


1. Create systems for leverage: optimize calendar to ensure leaders’ time and energy are spent in the highest-leverage ways

Success measures:

  • Calendar reflects the highest-leverage allocation of time and energy. 
  • Leader feels supported with high-quality delegation, to focus on highest leverage priorities.
  • 9-10/10 in regular energy and time audits.
  • Leader is consistently achieving their top 3 Top Goal items every day.
  • 100% of the leader’s commitments +  team action items are completed.

Example problems:

  • Ensure the Leaders time is allocated to the highest-leverage strategic priorities across multiple time horizons, with no distractions. 
  • Leaders calendar rules are observed, including ~30% of the week as scheduled focus time.
  • Proactive delegation: identify tasks or projects that can be delegated to create leverage.
  • Capture and share key takeaways and action items from meetings, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • What interactions are needed to ensure the Leader can be available to their function /  company, but not be a roadblock or bottleneck?

2. Supercharge relationships: proactively build an excellent network for the leader


  • External: system in place for proactively identifying and building Leader’s relationships, with high-quality interactions. This includes interacting and scheduling with potential candidates, mentors/advisors, etc.
  • Internal: enable higher-quality interactions across the company at deeper, more personal levels. Proactively notice, manage and suggest ways to improve interpersonal dynamics across the team, including observing patterns and providing feedback to the Leader.

Example problems:

  • Ensure prompt and proactive communication and scheduling with external and internal network
  • Who are the ~3 best people who have solved problem X before? 
  • What does the leader’s network need to look like in a year? Help them proactively build those relationships.
  • Where are the barriers to effectiveness in our leadership team relationships? Please make a plan to fix those.



  • High capacity: high intelligence + work capacity. Strong problem-solving ability, is relentless and resourceful. Describe themselves as hardworking, reliable and resilient.
  • Good judgment: demonstrated good judgment and intuition in the face of new problems.
  • Organizational skills: highly organized, with strong project management skills, and superb attention to detail. Closes loops and doesn’t drop any balls.
  • Communication: excellent written and verbal communication skills, at all levels (early career team members → CEOs and VPs).
  • Proactive: able to anticipate and respond to the needs of others before they arise. Is a self-starter, and biases towards moving faster than is comfortable.
  • Builder + doer: Operates well in smaller, less hierarchical, fast-paced environments. Achieves results in the face of pressure or ambiguity. Zero ego, does every task no matter how small, in service of my energy.
  • EQ: high degree of emotional intelligence and maturity. Strong emotional intelligence; able to build trust quickly.


  • Experience + muscle memory: 5+ years of supporting a high-functioning company leader(s); enough to have developed good systems and judgment.
  • Early stage: has seen and is comfortable with 0→1 / 100-500 people phase.
  • Remote work: has worked high-functioning and high-trust remote-first environment