Enrollment Advisor -Experienced Phone Sales Closer Needed

Are you a proven phone / Zoom sales professional with experience selling coaching, training, or services to consumers BUT…  

…you’re starting to lose hope that there’s a company out there who actually has…. 

  • high ethics and an awesome deliverable (so that when you lay your head on the pillow at night, you feel great about it)? 
  • consistent and proven lead flow (so you’re not worried what next week’s bookings might look like or wondering when “the big plan” that management keeps talking about is actually going to happen)?
  • reps that have been there for 2, 3, 4, and 5 YEARS and still LOVE their job (and some have even been promoted to leadership positions)

Or maybe you’re crushing it in your current opportunity but looking for a better situation? 

This could be it.  But read carefully, because not everyone is qualified.  

Right now, traffic is scaling at such a rate that new EA’s (Enrollment Advisors) are needed to make an immediate revenue impact.

Sales reps (Enrollment Advisors) at The Speaker Lab enjoy all pre-booked appointments that come from a variety of maturing traffic assets.

The Speaker Lab is in a season of unprecedented growth and we need experienced 1 or 2-call close phone salespeople to join our team immediately. Experience selling online coaching or training programs at $5K-$20K+ price points preferred. 

This is NOT an entry level sales position and only candidates with proven sales track records including above-quota achievement will be considered at this time. Any resume submissions should include specific revenue achievement in current and previous roles.

Over the last 6 months, the average monthly commission check across all our advisors is over $12,000. Commission checks for top producers can regularly average $20,000+ per month with highs of $30,000+.

Our training process includes having access to over 20 recorded calls from the last few months, forming your own script outline, studying a long form script, and working with the Director of Sales / Team Sales Manager to get launched.  Training lasts approximately one week.

In addition to holding all our company core values (detailed below), we are looking for salespeople who…

  • are eager for and motivated by uncapped commissions
  • would love to have health benefits and a 401K (and build a career!)
  • but, have a personal “why” that drives their production
  • are extremely competitive and want to compete for the #1 spot every single month
  • however, are team players and don’t take themselves so seriously that they can’t receive critical feedback or are unwilling to help and celebrate their teammates’ victories
  • take total ownership of their results and would be asking for more calls to audit to improve their performance
  • most important of all, have the utmost integrity and always do whats in the best interest of the customer to help them achieve their targets.

We have a family atmosphere on our sales team and culture is a significant ingredient to our current success. Any new salesperson needs to do their part to contribute to that culture and add value to it through humility and hard work.

This full-time contractor position is responsible for selling online training products and services to aspiring speakers. Candidates will be fully trained on how to qualify, persuade the prospect on value, and CLOSE (on the first call). Candidates should be highly motivated by being compensated on commission.

The Speaker Lab is looking for an experienced sales rep that thrives in a one-call-close scenario, is not afraid of a startup atmosphere with rapid change, and is eager to close business over the phone. The successful candidate will play a fundamental role in achieving company revenue growth objectives.

The Speaker Lab Core Values

People – We have built a strong team of A-players who take pride in their work and in carrying out the company mission and vision. In fact, one of our guiding principles is that we only work with awesome people. While our team has grown, it feels like a small, close knit family that enjoys working together, respects each other, and holds one another accountable for results.  

Because of our commitment to work/life balance, we have embraced being a virtual company from the beginning. We don’t require our team members to show up at an office. We trust and empower people to do their best work when and where it makes sense for them. Our team members feel a sense of freedom, flexibility and autonomy, and we’ve found that by fostering this culture, everyone is more productive, happy and satisfied with their work. Even though we’re a virtual company, one of the big highlights each year is our annual team retreat where we all get together in person for a few days to work and play hard. 

When new team members join TSL, they immediately feel something different here that they haven’t experienced before. It’s amazing what happens when people know a company believes in them, and that their co-workers are cheering for them both personally and professionally. One of our desires from the beginning has been to create the best place our team members will ever work. We believe who you are is more important than what you do which is evident in how The Speaker Lab has helped our team members become better spouses, parents, friends and whole, healthy, human beings.      

Growth – The Speaker Lab has seen significant growth year over year in a multitude of ways. We maintain a healthy profit margin and continue to remain frugal and financially wise while also investing back into our business, team, and students. We regularly assess our business model and make adjustments as needed to evolve to meet market needs. 

Our revenue growth has come from staying focused on what we can best offer to the market. We’ve never offered more than three core products at a time and have been diversified enough that one offer never accounted for more than 60% of our revenue. Although there are plenty of opportunities and shiny objects we could pursue, we’re really good at saying no to the good things in order to say yes to the best things. Our focus has given us the ability to be nimble and adapt to changing conditions and meet market needs as they arise. We don’t operate as a roller coaster with huge highs and lows but rather as a consistent, steady train moving forward. 

Our company growth has also come as the result of increasing our industry presence and strong reputation. It’s commonly said and known within the speaking community that “if you want to learn how to get booked and paid to speak, there’s no choice but The Speaker Lab.” We also remain well networked with top speakers and industry experts to keep a pulse on what’s working today for speakers and regularly provide guest coaching/training for our students. 

Ownership – The Speaker Lab is not dependent on any one individual which has allowed us to maximize the impact of our strong team. It’s not built on any single personality and in fact, we have multiple faces, voices and experiences that our audience can learn and benefit from.  

Even as the company and our team has grown, we’ve instilled a culture of treating this business like it was your own. Our team members have been able to buy homes, take family vacations, enjoy nice date nights, and benefit from the growth of TSL. We’ve also continued to implement additional employee benefits to ensure TSL is the best possible place to work for our team members. The Speaker Lab invests generously in the lives of our team members and students, so that they can give generously and invest in others.

The ownership our team takes in the work we do has translated into a world class experience both internally and externally. Our team members care deeply about our students and how we serve them and as a result, we have a constant stream of success stories coming in. We also have a culture of appreciation and celebration, and our team knows that we are rooting for them to win both personally and professionally. 


The perfect fit will come to us with a knack for conversation and relationships. You easily relate to people and excel at connection. You are an exceptional listener but have no problems “controlling” a conversation. You must be a strong relationship builder and possess a high sense of personal motivation. You are passionate about (or interested in) the speaking industry and eager to share the benefits of that lifestyle.

You are innately competitive and have a track record of over-achieving quota. You are a self-starter and motivated to serve others. This full-time sales rep has the ability to prioritize and manage their time effectively. You are flexible and responsive to the needs of others. You play nice with teammates and take feedback with ease because you desire personal growth.

This is a remote position. We prefer that you be based in North America (dumb time zones). You define your business hours, so this is a flexible role; however, since the nature of this is sales – the more availability you have, the greater the potential for income.

Here’s What You Would Do (technically, the requirements of this position)

  • Engage in half-hour calls for 40 hours a week to share our Elite product with prospects
  • Ability to effectively deliver over the phone presentations within 20-40 minutes, overcome objections, and close the sale
  • This is not a “consultative” and “custom” sales approach with varying solutions, it is a persuasion sales approach with productized offerings that the sales rep must position and frame properly for each prospect.
  • Follow our proven sales script, while infusing your own personality to assist you in closing sales
  • Possess strong communication skills and the ability to discover the customer’s pains
  • Understand The Speaker Lab offering, as well as upsells and down-sell offers
  • Interact with our technology systems to track calls and enroll new students
  • Communicate outcome from calls and attend feedback sessions (to continually improve)
  • Minimum of 2 plus years prior sales experience (preferred but not required)
  • Phone sales experience greatly preferred


  • Fully remote
  • 100% commission
  • Regular bonus incentives
  • W-2 role with access to company benefits including health, dental, 401K

At The Speaker Lab, we value work ethic, coachability, and past results MUCH MORE than your degree (or lack thereof), what school you went to, GPA, etc.

Have you delivered results in a similar role in the past? If so, that’s what we’re looking for.

P.S. If you’re not interested or available for this position, but know someone who is, we would really appreciate it if you passed this along!