English to Mandarin/Cantonese Interpreter

Position : Mobile Interpreter (English & Mandarin/Cantonese )

Period of Employment: 12 months Contract / Renewable

Working Hours: 8 hours per day with 1 hour break in between / 40 hours per week / based on schedule / night shift

Working Time : starts anytime from 8 pm/9pm/10pm/11pm/12am and will shift every 3 months

Salary: RM30/ hour (Minimum RM30 x160 hours= RM4800) + Socso + EPF + OT pay

Benefits : 14 days paid sick leave, 12 days annual leave, and some Malaysia & US Public holidays

*3-weeks training provided in the daytime(Monday to Friday) with a Training allowance*

Job Description : 

As an interpreter, your primary role is to facilitate communication between parties who speak different languages. In the example you mentioned about a live call from 911, your main responsibility would be to accurately interpret the conversation between the caller(native language) and the emergency operator(English). Your role is to convey the message in the preferred language of the caller and ensure that both parties understand each other. A work from home Language Interpreter works from his/her home office. It is essential to ensure a quiet and secure environment. This position is open to most locations within Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines, Cambodia . The calls may involve simple or complex, non-technical or technical subjects in Healthcare, Government, Insurance, Finance, Utilities, Travel and Hospitality, 911 emergency services, Law Enforcement and General Business



  • Fluency in English, including strong reading, speaking, and writing skills, is required for effective communication.
  • Proficiency in the native language, including fluent reading, writing, and speaking abilities, is necessary for better understanding and engagement with customers.
  • The position is remote, and you will have the flexibility to work from home.
  • You should have a mobile phone running Android 12 or above or iOS 15 or updated version laptop
  • You must be willing to work rotating shifts for 9 hours at night time, according to the schedule provided by the client. The shifts may include night shifts.
  • You will be entitled to two days off per week, which will be on rotating days.