English Technical Writer (Japan – Fully Remote)

As a technical writer, you will take the lead in creating and updating technical documentation and other content, as well as maintaining and improving the content management systems for their distribution. Your process-driven thinking, high attention to detail, and impeccable writing skills will help you develop clear and accessible content that enables Soracom customers to quickly and reliably learn about Soracom’s platform of IoT solutions, and to find answers to technical questions they may have. Your content will be highly regarded by both customers and teammates alike as the first and often best option for reducing the friction of understanding challenging topics.

You will primarily work alongside Soracom’s Customer Reliability Engineers (CREs), a team whose mission is to help customers succeed in their IoT journey by reducing anxiety to zero. Together, you will gather customer feedback to identify the areas where customers still struggle to understand various technical topics and to discuss the best ways for improving the quality of content. You will also collaborate with solutions architects and engineers to understand how your content can serve as a foundation for developing IoT best practices, helping customers to continue regarding Soracom’s documentation among the best IoT technical content available. Overall, your content will be one of the cornerstones that directly helps Soracom customers to succeed and in turn contributes to Soracom’s continued growth.

  • Lead the creation and maintenance of English documentation, including Soracom’s official developer documentation (https://developers.soracom.io/), and internal glossary.
  • Create and maintain English document guidelines for others who write documents to follow.
  • Identify gaps in existing documentation and take ownership of resolving the gaps
  • Work with other technical members to test Soracom’s platform services and validate the accuracy of documentation
  • Work with other technical writers to ensure English documentation is aligned with documentation in other languages
  • Measure page views and other metrics to assess content quality and engagement
  • Review existing documentation and suggest improvements to the Soracom platform


Key Requirements

  • Outstanding written and verbal English communication skills (native fluency required), with experience in technical writing
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Strong ability to explain technical topics in a clear and concise manner to a variety of audiences
  • Familiarity with technical topics such as cloud, devices, and networking
  • Strong ability to communicate with multiple stakeholders (engineers, product managers, marketing teams, etc.) in order deliver relevant content
  • Experience with documentation and developer tools (GitHub, Markdown, WordPress, Wiki-style tools, etc.)
  • Experience working remotely in a multicultural, tech start-up like environment
  • Experience and strong appreciation for working in a fast-paced and frequently-changing environment

Desirable Experience and Skills

  • Experience writing or contributing to technical publications
  • Experience communicating publicly on behalf of a business through blogs, SNS, forums, or other channels
  • Experience developing or customizing content management systems
  • Business-level Japanese communication skills in order to discuss with Japanese teams and ensure English content incorporates all relevant details
  • Programming experience with scripting languages such as JavaScript
  • Understanding of and experience developing for web accessibility
  • Experience with cloud technologies or services (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.)
  • Experience with hardware and gadgets (Raspberry Pi, Jetson, Arduino, etc.)


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年収:年俸制 昇給年1回



Flexible working hours : 8 hours per day between 5am to 10pm (with 1 hour break)

Salary : Annual salary system with a chance of salary increase

Vacation : Sat, Sun and public holidays, Annual paid vacation