Elementary schools wellness ambassador (remote)

Start promoting student wellness to Canadian school leaders. 100% remote opportunity.

moozoom (https://moozoomapp.com) is a fast growing K-8 SEL program providing teachers with bite-size “choose your own adventure movies” that can fit their daily schedule. No training. No prep time. We seek a talented, enthusiastic, and purpose-driven individual who is our passion for building a better and safer emotional world for students.


As an active/former educator or school/school board leader, you will be looking at connecting your network with our product through outbound reach, referrals, social media or conferences.


  • Outgoing, positive, friendly personality, and a desire to meet new people.
  • Active/former educator or school/SB leader.
  • Immediate network of educators, schools or school boards across Canada
  • Purpose-driven.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications.


  • 100% remote.
  • Flexible revenue opportunity.
  • No schedule. No minimal hours.

How to start

  1. Apply: Your application will be processed within 7 days.
  2. Promote: Once you become an ambassador, you’ll receive engaging marketing resources that you can simply share with school leaders.
  3. Earn: Get paid 30% commission (or an average of $750) for every school you bring into a demo and that subscribes to moozoom within the next 90 days.