DS2 Data Scientist (Full-time & USD salary)

  • Anywhere

IV.AI, a US company headquartered in Los Angeles, is looking for remote Data Scientists to join and help work on machine learning problems (in the field of NLP) for unstructured data, large enterprise users, and to improve the suite of products that we offer. The ideal candidate should be helpful, responsive, dependable, and comfortable working remotely within a small team with tight deadlines. We value people who thrive working collaboratively in a distributed team and who are enthusiastic about the potential of machine learning.

Your primary responsibility is to independently identify and deliver business insights from very diverse data types and sources. Deliver production-ready code, CSVs, and compelling narrative visualizations.

Salary: $30,000 to $45,000 (in USD) depending on experience

Timezone: PST


  • Own and deliver projects starting with very diverse data and business targets
  • Contribute to general features for the internal product library while delivering for specific clients
  • Own report delivery for clients, and contribute to library documentation
  • Explore and present datasets and narrative visualizations
  • Build linguistic and statistical general models
  • Translate business problems into specifications for computational tasks like classification or ranking


  • 2+ years writing queries in SQL or running models in Python/Jupyter
  • 2+ years doing statistical analysis
  • Write and speak clearly, communicate em-pathetically
  • Highest standard of excellence for your work
  • Impeccable attention to detail: spotting typos in variables, syntax errors in text and gremlins in data
  • Ability to define evidence-based, quantifiable solutions to open-ended business problems

Bonus Points

  • Familiar with a range of NLP techniques or computational linguistics
  • Fluent data storyteller
  • Github: pull, push, merge, PR, cherry-picking, issue tracking
  • Regular Expressions
  • PostgreSQL 12+
  • An example where we can see your writing style (in English), ideally data-related


  • Paid Time Off
  • Work From Home
  • Training & Development

We are…

IV.AI is the world’s leading language processing AI platform. We have grown fast, but aim to retain our scrappy nature that enabled us to build big AI models that outperform the industry standards. There are many companies right now that talk about the potential impact of AI while we hustle hard and have actually proven the benefits repeatedly.


We help people become smarter by using AI or data generated by AI models – the increased human intelligence is driven via a polished AI product that makes sense of noisy social media data, documents, web data, podcasts, internal or external communications. IV.AI takes problems that were previously too complex to manage because of the scope of the research and tracking needed to solve them and makes them easy to solve via high-quality data, easy to use tools and experienced, helpful teams.


Our inclusive culture values people regardless of their background, education or upbringing. In order to train machines to act appropriately, we need builders and contributors who are representative of the entire population. AI is only as good as the teams working on it and the training they receive. AI is incredibly powerful and human bias in the training process can be equally harmful to the world if the technology is not being managed by teams of people who are diverse and considerate.


In just 5 years IV.AI has built a scalable platform with 100s of AI solutions for Fortune 500 companies including Sony, Walmart, Toyota, Netflix, Time Warner, Fox, Capital One, Estée Lauder, to name a few.


Being professional and respectful of clients and coworkers is of the utmost importance. We work with blue-chip clients and with very sensitive data that requires care and diligence via our focussed security systems and protocols.


Our employees are constantly problem-solving and assessing their own output to maximise delivery. It’s important that our team is always looking for the best way of addressing problems so we can manage customer expectations.