Director of Sales

Who We Are

Float is the world’s leading software for teams to plan their time. Launched in 2012, we’ve grown every year since, and remain proudly independent, self-funded and profitable. We’re a team of 50 working 100% remotely and you’ll be partnering with team members based globally including Australia, Mexico, Nigeria, Canada, and the USA. Hear what our team has to say by browsing our blog, or reading our Glassdoor reviews. Check out what our customers think of Float from our G2 reviews.

We’re on a scale up journey, and we’re seeking people who thrive in this stage, given the autonomy, and the opportunity, to do the best work of their career.

Why We’re Hiring For This Role

We’re seeking our first Director of Sales to lead our global Sales team, and have a massive impact on accelerating our journey from $10M to $100M ARR.

Today, the Sales department is made up of one quota-carrying Account Executive (EMEA & UK) and we’re actively hiring for an Account Executive (Americas and APAC).

100% of our leads are inbound via a combination of paid and organic marketing channels. And there’s no shortage of them, with more than 100 qualified leads delivered to each Sales person every month in Hubspot.

Our Sales tool stack is led by Gong and Hubspot, we have established pipelines and reporting dashboards in each, and a robust lead scoring and routing framework, managed by Colin, our Senior Data Scientist. We have over a year of historical Marketing & Sales data that inform our sales quota and measure our team performance.

Mid-market customers (101 to 1,000 people), are our fastest-growing segment. We remain true to our Product-led Growth (PLG) roots, offering a free trial and self-serve checkout for those not requiring a human touch. Our Sales Assist team is there for those that do. They are product & category experts, and customer co-pilots through the buying journey. They guide teams from early discovery, to product demonstrations, security compliance and procurement. Teaming with our Customer Success Managers in the customer’s first year, they support them through ongoing change management and expansion.

With continual growth, a talented team, and strong data and process foundations, we’re excited by the potential impact of a Director of Sales joining us now, in the next stage of our scale up journey.

An Overview of the role from Glenn, CEO and Co-founder.

Glenn explains the important role you will play at Float. Watch here.

You’ll be working asynchronously with a bright, dedicated team from across the globe, with a strong focus on taking complex problems and creating solutions that feel simple and intuitive for our customers.    

What You’ll Be Responsible For

You’ll be responsible for the success of our Sales department, supporting each team member to achieve their quota (as their quota is yours!). You’ll grow our Sales team to meet our company revenue targets, and represent the Sales domain across our organization. You will report directly to Glenn, our CEO.

You’ll have access to a growing volume of data and marketing collateral. We record our Sales calls in Gong, we use ZoomInfo to improve our customer firmographics. We score and route our leads based on the actions they take during their trial. We have a fresh round of Marketing case studies from our best customers. 

In the first 90 days, you’ll be focused on:

  • Building trust with your team, and establishing processes for deal reviews, and team-wide communication
  • Spending time in Customer Support, and our Slack Community, responding to our customers on the front-line
  • Shadowing Sales and Customer Success meetings to understand our current way of working, building a library of what great looks like at Float
  • Studying marketing material on our ICP, category, competition and positioning 
  • Reading our case studies, G2 reviews and intimately understanding our unique value proposition
  • Building internal relationships, specifically those with the CEO, and leaders in Marketing, Product, Customer Success and Support

Once you’re established, you’ll:

  • Get hands-on to optimize the sales process, executing strategic and tactical improvements that improve your team’s effectiveness, from the quality of the meetings in their calendar, to their meeting process, and supporting assets that improve the likelihood of conversion for those they engage with
  • Update documentation and establish a library of insights and repeatable process to educate existing and future hires
  • Actively participate in deals that support your team’s success
  • Lead Sales forecasting, monthly quota reports and leaderboards
  • Guide our revenue forecasting to inform new hires
  • Partner with our cross-departmental leaders to share sales insights and influence the product roadmap

Once you are fully ramped, you’ll be seeking to grow the Sales team incrementally. We see a path to a team of five Account Executives in 2024.

What You’ll Bring

  • B2B sales experience from working at a SaaS company a few steps ahead of Float. You have traversed the upward journey of a growing organization. Perhaps you are seeking to return to an earlier stage company, a stage you enjoyed, and feel you can have a greater impact.
  • A progressive mindset, you are continuously seeking improvement. We aren’t looking for someone to roll-out the ol’ Sales playbook of yesteryear.
  • Excitement for the opportunity AI brings to the Sales domain, and the potential of tools like Gong to deliver more effective sales.
  • Empathy and experience. You are a coach that learned their craft as a player.
  • Alignment with how we’re building Float. We are set on building a positive, healthy and inspiring culture that attracts the best and most progressive minds, aligned in our Values, and supportive of sustainable growth.

As a fully remote team, we’re looking for someone comfortable with asynchronous communication as the default, which means you have previous remote experience and are comfortable using tools like Slack, Loom, and Linear to communicate as needed.

Why Join Us

The On Target Earnings for this role is USD $260,000 with an uncapped variable commission. We want our sales team to succeed and feel rewarded for their performance when exceeding targets.  

We’re a global async remote company with a diverse team of people from all over the world who share a common belief in living our best work life. We believe deeply in the idea of transparency and share our Float Handbook publicly so potential new team members can see firsthand our perks & benefits as well as our ways of working. If you feel like you can thrive at Float to do your best work, we would love to hear from you.

Hiring Process For This Role

Learn more about our assessment process for the role here. As an overview, the hiring process for this role looks like:

  • Intro Call (25 min): You’ll meet with Mary, Talent Manager, to discuss your interest in the role and review questions you have about working at Float
  • Manager Interview (45 min): You’ll meet with Glenn, CEO and Co-founder, to discuss how you work and your approach to sales leadership
  • Team Interview (30 min): You’ll meet with Dan, Account Executive (EMEA), to learn more about Sales at Float and the team you’ll be managing
  • Peer Interview (30 min): You’ll meet with a future peer to dive deeper into your skills and experience

Mary from our Talent team will be in touch each step of the way to ensure that you are well-informed and aware of the next step in the process. 

Note: Industry research shows that women and those in traditionally underrepresented groups generally don’t apply to jobs unless they check all the boxes for the role. If you feel strongly that you have what it takes for this role but don’t check 100% of the boxes—that’s okay—we encourage you to apply anyway and highlight what you can bring to the table.